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File prep……a few projects coming up

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For quite a while I’ve been wanting to do some higher end composites.  You know, images made up of several images?  Yeah.

One of the folks who fuels my desire to play with composite images is James Quantz Jr.  I check his blog regularly.  You want to see some amazing work?  Check his site.  Additionally I’ve been following Drew Gardner.  While he’s not doing all composite work, his lighting setups are amazing, and pulling the final images together is something to be seen.  I recently downloaded Drew’s videos, and I was glad I did.  Oh yeah, got his DVD too.  🙂  I’m such a fan boy, eh?

Following great artists like James & Drew, is it any wonder that I’m wanting to develop my own fun series?  Nah, no wonder at all.  So yesterday, on my “day of rest” I popped out to a nearby silver mine with some scenes in mind.  That’s what you’ll be seeing today.  The final products?  Yeah, not yet.  Some studio time and willing models are next in order.  But I’ve got the final images in mind.  You’ll have to wait to see those though…….



So there you have it.  3 files to start working with.  I’ve got lighting ideas in mind, additional features (think Dietz Lanterns), and what I want in the final images.  Now it’s time to get some volunteers together and see what we can create.

You know, as a side note, there aren’t any good books out there on creating great composites with people.  What would I buy if it were available?  Any tutorial from James Quantz.  Guarantee he’d have some amazing thoughts to share.  Hmmmm….maybe somebody will suggest it to him!  😉

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