I do show up in photos now and again

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Definitely not Blue Steel

It does happen.  Occasionally I show up in a photo now and again.  🙂

Now if you were to ask Kassi & Elliot about the skies the day we roamed Route 66 they’d tell you there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  So, why do I get the special picture with clouds?  Uh, cause I’m the guy with Photoshop and a huge library of images I’ve shot over the years.  In the case of this image, the sky you’re looking at is from the Grand Canyon last summer.  Hey, it’s still in AZ you know.

For all of the prints I do in the gallery of my own work I’ve never faked a sky or anything else for that matter.  What you see is what I saw.  But now, playing with portraits and lighting and humans instead of landscapes I take some liberties.  All in the name of fun of course.

So, this is a composite image.  I used Mask Pro 4.1 to brush out the original sky and add in the Grand Canyon sky.  I then popped into Topaz adjust to pull out some more detail.  A little dodging and burning occurred as well.  And voila!  A cooler looking Rich.  Hey, everybody needs some Photoshop help now and again.

And no with this fun post behind me I’ll be signing off for a few days.  It’s time to start assembling boxes, packing up, and getting ready to move a whole block away!  Ian is quickly rolling through the last of the work in the new space, and the intention is to have everything moved in by Sunday night.  Nothing like an aggressive build out and move to help a person need a few gallons of Mylanta!  🙂

The blog will resume next week when things settle down!

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