Oh my, but the themes here keep repeating themselves

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Currently I have a serial reader.  Seriously.  As Al Gore, depicted in South Park’s “Man Bear Pig,” episode would say, “I’m super Cereal guys……”



I’ve got one.  Someone who is reading through every blog post I’ve written here.  In order.  Day by day, post by post.  Cheesy video, cheesy audio podcast, cheesy post.

I’m allergic to milk.  I miss cheese.  I miss cereal with milk.  And I’m being totally cereal about this.

As I watch the web stats each day I know where this reader is in my blogged history.  And seeing the page links I go back and read them myself.  I’m 42, there’s gray in my beard, and I’m so senile that it’s funny.  Half the days I wake up lately I wonder what state I’m in.  It all looks the same from inside the Airstream you know.  And it really does.  It’s always surprising to open the door and find out where I am.  It’s like a good bonus prize in a box of Cracker Jacks.  Note….they no longer put good prizes in Cracker Jacks.  They stopped when I was 11 years old, and I want a refund for the crappy prizes I got.

As I have re-entered the web market less then a year ago I was surprised to see a post by me from 2010 entitled, “Fly by night web designers can cost you.”  I’ve been thinking about those guys a lot lately.  Them and fauxtographers.  Seriously.  It’s hard to find someone legit these days.  Well, if you’re unwilling to pay it’s impossible.  But even if you’re willing to shell out some cash there currently seem to be more frauds than real businesses at this point.

So what do you do?  Research.  See what the business has done.  Read their content, read their mission statement.  Read.  Find out if they’re legit.  You’ll know it quickly.  It’s not that hard to pick the real businesses out from the guys who might as well have infomercials.

In the end this post has nothing to do with my own business endeavors.  It has to do with the fact that I’m pretty consistent about what’s written here.  I admire good work, I scorn lame work with fraudulent work backing it.  Why is this a recurring theme……?

Uh, look out your window.  You might just be super surprised to see what state you’re in.

I’m super cereal.

Man bear pig.  If only people knew how awesome I am……….  “I don’t want you hanging around Al Gore any more.”

Thunder cougar falcon bird.......I'm cereal.  Futurama Yo!

Thunder cougar falcon bird…….I’m cereal



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