Photoshop CS5 – I was going to hit the pre-order button and then the power went out……

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Dear Adobe,

Here’s the situation. For days on end I’ve been getting tortured by other bloggers and photo pros about CS5. I told myself, “No Rich, you’ve got CS4, and you’ve got to wait.” Then Kelby’s group pushed me over the edge with all the great stuff on the NAPP site and I broke…….

Why is it every time I get a Kelby book, read his blog, watch a tutorial I end up wanting to spend money?  I mean really?  Probably because he shows you all the cool stuff and you know what “you” can do with it.

So, yesterday I got home and got onto the Adobe site.  I’ve been saving up my pennies over the past few months for the next piece of photo gear / software for the business.  I resisted On One’s discount on their suite of plugins, I told myself I don’t need a Lastolite High Key Background quite yet, I’ve ignored the urge to have a tilt shift in my pack……and I kept saving my pennies.  And yesterday I made the decision that the saved pennies could be used on Photoshop CS5’s upgrade……..and that’s when the power went out.

As an aside, do you remember the days of saving pennies?  I do.  When I was really little I was totally into “Creature Double Feature” on Channel 56 out of Boston.  Godzilla was my favorite.  And a cool Godzilla toy came out back then, of course, I had to have it…..  I saved pennies for quite a while.  $19 and change.  I even worked out the tax.  And finally we went to Service Merchandise to get my Godzilla (not the same one that attacked “the Frame and I” recently) and they wouldn’t take my penny rolls.  It was an inconvenience to them. Should have miniaturized that shop too………

Anyhow, I was literally ready to hit the pre-order button dear Adobe when the radio stopped playing, and the lights went dim in the Airstream.  It distracted me just long enough to make me minimize my web browser and step away from hitting the button.

As it turns out, the Paralax AC / DC converter in the Airstream totally gave up on me yesterday.  Right at the moment I was about to hit the button…..  And suddenly, those pennies that I saved up (which I know you would have gladly accepted even in penny rolls) have to be rededicated to getting power properly functioning in the Airstream once more……..

Because, you see, if I have no power at the Airstream to make my MacBook go, then I can’t really use all the cool new features in CS5……..

So, for the short term I have to hold off.  The Converter and installation is going to cost a bit more than the upgrade to Photoshop CS5.  I don’t think I’ve saved enough pennies for it, I’m not sure how the tech guy is going to react to all the penny rolls, but there’s no choice.  The Airstream Chronicles web site will go dark without power……literally.  That’s why I’m blogging from the gallery today!

Sorry Adobe.  Guess I’ll have to hold off for a bit and start counting the pennies once more…..go figure the power would drop right as I was about to hit the pre-order button.  🙂

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  1. That’s definitely ominous…but it also means that CS5 will be there 6 months from now when Hollywood has discovered you and you’ve got more than penny rolls saved! 🙂

    Just be sure to remember your friends after you hit the big time! 🙂
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..1:45:57 =-.

  2. Post


    What do you know that I don’t? Hollywood? Really? Hmmmm……The “Solo Cialis” tub shot was good enough to get their attention??? 😉

    I always remember my friends. If I hit the big time, I’ll give you all the penny rolls lying around the Airstream. 🙂

  3. Hahaha, that sucks… you know Lightroom 3 also comes out pretty soon… That looks like a bigger update to me. I’m waiting to see what the next version of Aperture looks like and then will decide.
    CS4 will hold me over until they start offering the cheap upgrades, I’ve been seeing deals to upgrade to CS4 for $100.
    .-= Josh´s last blog .. =-.

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