The final upgrade to the Nissan Titan 2.0…….

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It’s also, most likely, the “key”  alteration to the Titan as well……..

The Overland Journal sticker!

Weeks ago, while working on Chris M’s prints I posed a question to him.  A simple question really.  Where do I get one of those super cool Overland Journal stickers?  More importantly, I was worried they were reserved only for the super elite off roaders with super tricked out vehicles.  Of course, I do have the Titan, and it’s fairly tricked out and ready to leave the pavement at a moment’s notice…….

Well, Chris played right into my plans….days later he brought me my very own Overland Journal sticker.  Actually, he brought me two!  BONUS!

See, I realized something before even asking Chris about the stickers.  If I were to have one of those official stickers, things would improve immensely.  For you see, just like painting hot racing stripes or flames on cars, bicycles, skateboards, and even walkers, the object in question immediately becomes much faster due to the racing stripes / flames.  Its an immutable scientific fact!  Ask any eight year old about it….they’ll back me up.

So, it stands to reason that applying an Overland Journal sticker would have similar results for those desiring to go off roading.  And I’ve already had the opportunity to measure the results after applying the sticker to the Titan…….

  • Ground Clearance improved: Since applying the sticker the Titan is almost impossible to get into.  I had to break out my step ladder just to get in this morning.
  • Tires are larger now: My all terrain tires have more tread, are wider, and offer better flotation since applying the sticker.
  • Driver has improved: With my new sticker the confidence level has increased beyond my wildest dreams.  I’m now certain that I could traverse a raging river .5 miles wide with no issues.  The sticker will see me through
  • Recovery gear is no longer necessary: What sand dune would dare even suck the Titan down now?  The sticker is present.  So…..who needs sand ladders?  I mean really……..
  • GPS no longer needed: With the sticker now on the truck I no longer require the GPS.  Now I always know what’s around the next corner, or more concerning, if you just drop off at the next corner.
  • Gerry Cans are always full: That’s right, you heard it here first.  The bottomless Gerry Can.  Of course, to achieve this feature I did have to rub the sticker on the cans first.

Beyond the immediate changes in the Titan’s appearance and capabilities, I’m sure more will follow.  For instance, I’m figuring now with the sticker I’ll be invited to all the cool parties in town.  I’ve lived here 3 years, and I have yet to be invited to the cool parties. But I’ve noticed…..the folks with the Overland Journal stickers….yeah, they do go to “those parties”!

And the second sticker……?  I’m half tempted to put it on the Versa.  I’d love to go off road with it.  Of course, the first folks who saw me rolling through sand dunes with no issues in the Versa would realize that it’s the sticker that has made it possible.  That would really cut into the expedition vehicle industry, and I don’t want to be responsible for putting people out of work….so I guess it shouldn’t go on the Versa.  I could put it on the Airstream……wouldn’t that rock?  The “expedition Airstream” parked along insane dirt roads somewhere in the Colorado Plateau……

Okay, I know, I’m going too far.  I’ll have to get big AT tires for the Airstream first….the sticker can only do so much!

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  1. I’ll buy one of those stickers from you. It will be cheaper than a lift for the explorer.

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