What to do when you wake at 5 a.m.

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treesetup-1-of-2Yesterday morning I sat up in bed a few minutes before 5.  I remember doing that all the time last year, but I’ve fallen out of the habit…..

Since I was wide awake I pondered what to do with myself.  After a little web browsing I picked up a book for 30 minutes.  Then I listened to the radio for a bit.  Finally, before the first light rays hit the sky I took a quick shower and got ready for the day.

Before 7 a.m. I loaded up the cameras into the Versa and took a trip around the corner to the Watson Lake City Park.  Nothing like being outside in freezing temperatures with no sun around, cameras strapped to you, and a cold tripod in your hand!  Really, give it a try sometime!

The cold temperatures were worth it though.  An interesting sunrise with gray skies mixing to blue.  The sun rising over Watson Lake made for an interesting scene (in my opinion).

treesetup-2-of-2So, the next time you’re up way too early grab your camera and head out somewhere.  Please remember your gloves….the one thing I forgot! Doesn’t matter where you go.  There’s always something that’ll catch your eye early in the day.

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