15 Minutes with Jantina

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Yesterday Jantina came in to the studio early.  She brought two hats along with her.  Gotta say, I dig Jantina’s hats.

We’ve been talking about doing a few portraits again.  So we did a quick session with the hats.

Jantina with my favorite hat

Jantina with my favorite hat

Messing around with a reflector

Messing around with a reflector



As you can see, we had fun!  15 minute photo session, cause we had to open the gallery.  Our next shoot will be longer.  A specific composite in mind.  Stop back in next week, you’ll get to see what I’m talking about!

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  1. Maybe I just have a dirty mind but I think you need a new title for this post 😉

  2. second photo from the bottom… I am WOWed! I’ve seen nothing better in a magazine, including “fashion”(not that I read them). 🙂
    Great light, very soft… and of course, good subject.

  3. Jantina is a natural in front of the camera. Get her to do more…lots more. You two work well together. Great photograghs Rich !!!

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