Airstream and Saguaro

2 days to go

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Well, here we are.  2 days away from hooking up the Airstream and heading off across the country once more.  Wow!

It’s almost been a year since I landed out in WV / OH.  It went by pretty quickly.  Honestly, I had planned to stay longer, but plans change and heading West is the right thing to do.  Seriously, I know I’m making the right call.

As I travel West I’ll be stopping off at a few places.  One client in TN, one client in CO.  Yeah, I’ve already got clients lined up.  Then the Airstream will stop in Prescott for a short while.  A few things need to go into storage, and a few things need to come out of storage.  After that, the Airstream will be mobile again for a few months.

The blog will be seeing regular updates once again.  So for regular readers this should be a good thing.  You’ll also be seeing some new podcasts soon.  And these are going to be better than anything I’ve ever done before.  The technology caught up with my ideas finally.  Seriously, long time readers will remember “Dashboard Cam.”  That was a little Canon Digital Elf mounted on a small mini tripod taped to the dashboard in my truck.  Today there’s “Go Pro.”  Man, why didn’t I start that company?  🙂

The Plan

We’ll be visiting parks across the country again.  And with luck, working with small park owners who want to update their own mobile technology.  And if readers have suggestions for parks, please let me know.  If you have a favorite RV park that doesn’t have the best web presence in the world, isn’t “mobilized” for today’s smart phones, and maybe they’ve got some antiquated technology in the office….yeah, send their information this way.

The demo websites I’ve built over the past few months have wowed the clients I have lined up.  And as new sites go up I’ll be linking them here for readers to check out.  “Before & After.”  You’ll see it all, and I think you’ll see the differences quickly.  RV parks cater to truly mobile people, and many haven’t caught up with today’s technology.

One park I’ll be working with does not have a reservation management system at all.  Instead they put customer information on small index cards.  They’ve got boxes and boxes of index cards.  And when a former visitor calls to reserve a site they don’t have the information right at hand.  I’ll be helping them fix that with an IOS Database that I’ll be talking about more here in the near future.

Of course, photography will be something I’ll focus on as well, but it isn’t my primary service offering.  There are just too many cut rate photographers out there, and competing for a small market of portrait clients isn’t realistic.  Instead I’ll be focused more on the commercial side, and on my own work just for myself.

More publications

You’ll also see more publications coming from the Airstream Chronicles soon.  I’m not going to say more about that yet…you’ll just have to watch for announcements.

And speaking of publications….. Volume II of Photographing Arizona is still on sale through the end of this month thanks to MagCloud offering $5 off publications.  So if you want a collection of my favorite landscapes….with a great discount on price…..well, you have today and tomorrow to order to get the discount.  The link is below.



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