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A “lighter” touch

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A formation along the Cockscomb that grabbed my attention

A little while ago I was talking with Josh about our trip next week, and about my little scouting expedition.  We talked for a few minutes about the photos I’ve put up so far.


See, it really got my attention! A very light touch to the HDR as well

Just so you know, yes, I am aware that several of the photos’ post processing was “heavy handed.”  And yes, it was on purpose.  The Horseshoe bend for example…..I totally pushed that one over the edge purposefully for fun.  Everybody has a shot of that spot.  🙂


A final broader view of the formation. Cottonwood Canyon Road is loaded with this stuff!

So, just to make sure everyone understands…..I was goofing around with a few shots and popped them up here.  I’ve finally started my real post-processing work.  Sorting photos, deleting photos, and finding those that I think might have some potential to be decent shots.  I’m figuring that I really like 5 photos from this trip.  That’s not bad for a few days of shooting.  Seriously, if I find something I really like from a day I’m pretty happy.  Sometimes I’ll even get a couple that I really like.


In canyon HDRs are a tougher sell. Shadows, halos that exist even in the initial shots....tougher to pull off

I’ve got a pretty simple blogging process here.  Shoot from the hip.  Total stream of consciousness.  No heavy editing, no heavy lifting, no heavy dinners….oh, wait…….


This is a realistic HDR in my opinion. Looking at the component photos, light haloing was occuring around the canyon top. A feature of canyon shooting to be sure.

The photos that hit the blog often follow the same rules as my blogging.  I’m not gunning for the perfect photo in the blog.  I do that later, when I’ve picked something to print.  The refined photos don’t hit the blog for a while, if at all.  Not trying to keep anything from readers.  Quite the contrary.  Normally when I do a trip I’m beyond excited about getting the first trip report up.  And I’ve got to put something up to show you what I’m talking about.  So the initial shots that hit that initial post are in no way the full example of what I’ve come away with.


I really liked the whole scene inside Hackberry Canyon. The sand, smooth rocks, canyon walls....the whole thing was interesting to me.

You could say it’s “Miss Right Now” versus “Miss Right.”  Show the readers something from the trip ASAP (Miss Right Now).  Show the folks who stop by the gallery the final products (Miss Right).  I guess I’ll work on follow up posts with those images that really do make the cut.  That way you won’t come away with an, “Ugh, that’s not very nice stuff,” type of a feeling.


This is one I like a lot. The wash, the stones, the canyon, the sky. I wish I could add a little more light to the wash and keep it looking "real." I've tried, and this is the best presentation for the time being.

After talking to Josh and getting his gut on a few of the initial shots I thought I should follow up here tonight with a few shots that are interesting me.  Some still need a little work (the canyon stuff).  Some I like the way they are.  Others have been deleted in a hurry, and you don’t need to know anything about them.  Hmmmph, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned them.  Now you’re curious, I just know it.


The haloing here in Coyote Buttes is present in all the "flat" photos as well. Early morning, sunrise, and the light is playing around along the ridges. C'est La Vie, N'est Pas?

Well, I hope you better understand my personal process.  I like getting the trip report out there when I return.  And I might rush them out just to get something up.  But hey, it’s only because I’m excited to share a cool adventure, nothing more.  😉


This scene makes me feel like I'm back in the Buttes. It's right on as far as I'm concerned.

Oh, and I hope you enjoy seeing a few of the “lighter touch” photos.  On my return trip I’ll be sure to slow myself down a little more prior to posting.  Just to give you a few “goodies” along with the “quickies.”


I just love the colors in the badlands near the old Paria movie set location. Can't resist that spot!

Wow, with all this talk about Miss Right versus Miss Right Now, and then saying things like goodies and quickies I really wonder if my blog will loose its G Rating.  Ah well, I’ll just have to live with the consequences.

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