A photo shoot just for fun? Yeah, yeah!

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This morning I was wide awake super early.  Blasting winds, light snow mixed with rain, and the Airstream shaking with the weather front.  But I wasn’t awake because of the weather.  Today’s photo shoot was on my mind.

Several days ago I talked to Nick Russell (Ian’s brother) about doing a quick shoot.  He’s getting ready for the fire season, and I wanted to toy with some white seamless shooting.  Fun stuff, fun stuff!

Nick showed up early, but fortunately I had everything setup.  We did a few different shots and I thought I’d share them.  The first image has already been masked and clipped so I can drop him in another scene.  Please disregard the shadows in that one, I’ve got to clean them up.  I did a bad job clipping.  Why show an image where I did a bad job clipping?  Cause it’s a cool image.  🙂



The first three images had minor edits.  Number one was clipped with Mask Pro, and the edgy detail was created in Lightroom.  Image #2 was edged up in Lightroom, and so was number 3.  30 second edits on the last two.  Below are two completely unedited images.  One with white seamless, the other using a grid spot on the 580EX II.




Big thanks Nick!  I do so enjoy just shooting for grins and laughs, and today was a good shoot.

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