A return to Vulture Mine finds a favorite building closed!

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This weekend I revisited an old favorite.  Vulture Mine.  Hey, Thanksgiving weekend sounds like a perfect time to check out a ghost town, right?

After setting out from the car I was quickly disappointed.  Barbed wire fencing and yellow tape surround the Assay Office, an absolute favorite location the photograph.  What a bummer!

Last Spring over the course of only a few weeks I visited the Vulture Mine twice.  The first visit everything was “a okay” with the Assay Office.  Weeks later I found a back corner wall had crumbled.  The video included in today’s post shows that the crumbling has continued.

Looking through window from the outside of the building it looks like damage to the second floor has occurred too.  The roof seems to be degrading fast.  Wind storms, monsoons, and other harsh weather are taking their toll on one of the best ghost towns in Arizona.

In addition to the Assay Office, two other buildings near the entrance are also closed off.  Huge wall collapses have occurred, changing the look of the remaining parts of the structures.  I have to say, I was fortunate to start photographing Vulture when I did.  Beyond building closures the cart setup for mining on the top of the hill is collapsing quickly too.  I have photos of the structure fully in tact, and now all of the beams seem to be giving way.

Overall, Vulture is changing quickly.  Well, quickly given the short time I’ve been visiting the place.  2 years this February as a matter of fact.  And over the course of this year I’ve seen so much change.  It’s a bummer.

So, now that the Assay Office is closed to the public I thought I’d share some favorite images I’ve shot in that building.  Looks like the images will be all that’s left soon……..

There's even a ghost in this one!

A personal favorite, "Stained", shot in the Assay Office building.

"Planks" has been a strong seller at the gallery from the first print.

"Classic Arizona." The Assay Office was perfect for this over the edge HDR

A favortie room in the Assay Office!

Lorin McClain, from Sweet Nasty, looking the part!

Old shoes in one of the Assay building's windows

Second floor, I believe this might have been a WC.

Seeing through the floor was a little unnerving!

Sean Vasquez in the Assay Office

So, there you have it.  A few personal favorites in the Assay Office.  I will miss shooting in this building, but I’m happy to say I got a few good images!  Who knows how long it will continue standing……?

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  1. I went there for the first time a week ago and was bummed by the closed buildings. I have a feeling that the building with what looks like 3 or 4 rooms in a row won’t be far behind.

  2. Royal bummer. Glad I have a few photos from our shoot a year ago, but certainly wish I had more. These are among my favorite and I would have enjoyed the challenge of new and improved techniques on these evocative relics. Dust to dust, etc. Sad.

    It just reinforces the idea that we should grab the gusto as early and as often as we can. Tempus fugit.

  3. Post

    Exactly Mike! Get out there, otherwise you’ll miss something amazing!

    I’m just glad to have had the opportunity to revisit the place time and again and see for myself how quickly things change.

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