A teaser or two from last night’s fire show in Prescott

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Ok, looks like Tuesdays will be later nights for me.  Somehow I know I’ll be waking up too early again though…..

So, last night’s fire show let me play with the settings on the 5D Mark II some more.  And I’ve dialed in on what I want a little more.  Think I’m getting the knack of photographing fire dancers and fire breathers.  Even set up a few new custom functions on the camera (oh no, there goes my HDR settings).

Now I’ve got tons of sorting to do, again.  Seriously, shooting this group is fun.  And I’m enjoying the expansion into evening photography with a twist.

Here’s a few teaser shots.  I’ll get more up just as soon as I get the pictures sorted, promise!




No, I haven’t worked on crops or anything.  Just loading photos as I type.  Lot’s of flagging, rejecting, and pondering to be done.  Man, you can really burn through a memory card fast at these shows……get it, “burn” through a card..?  Ok, lame, I admit it……

More to come!

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  1. Your persistence is paying off. I am in awe with the detail captured of the fire ball. You are having too much fun.

  2. Very nice captures. Have you considered doing any ‘off camera flash?’…or is that not allowed? If it is allowed, I think it would help illuminate the breather or dancer. Obviously, the flash would be at a very low output…maybe gelled with a CTO…and also to take into consideration the shutter speed, ISO, and f stop.

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    Yup, I’ve got wireless flash and Josh does as well. The issue is we’ve got a lot of folks moving around, music, random bodies, etc. And since these are practices, occasionally dropped flaming objects. Tough to set up around all the obstacles. 🙂

  4. I am with ya on ‘set up’, but either me, Josh, or you could hold a remote flash to illuminate the the subject for the photographer….a team effort. Then switch off as the events unfold. Just an idea.

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