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For years my Airstream blog remained the same.  The theme served for many many years.  And last year while working on a client’s website I realized I needed to update the blog.  It’s true, you’ll work on someone’s site, but you don’t work on your own.

Today I’m happy to say that “The Airstream Chronicles,” website is getting some love with a totally new format.  It’s about time that I did this.  And after doing an overhaul on my main website,, the blog was up next!

So, what’s changed?  Everything!  We’ve got a new sticky bar at the top of the site displaying select posts.  Right now I just have the most recent posts up there, but that will change soon.  If you’re dying to see particular categories of posts, there’s a drop down with the blog categories below the blog button.  Just want to see the most recent posts to hit the site?  Scroll down and you’ll see the 9 most recent posts.

You can also still search by dates.  The right hand column on the site allows you to subscribe to this blog, check the archives, check all post categories, and see links to other blogs I follow.

I dig the “Subscribe to blog via E-mail.”  Whenever a new post is made here it’s delivered to your inbox along with images and formatting just like the site.  Best of all, the layout looks great on a mobile device if that’s how you’re following along with the site.

Like a totally new Airstream Blog!

The Airstream Chronicles has been maintained since 2006.  This particular site was launched in 2008 after the first site died a horrible hacker death.  And it served its purpose well.  But the re-design of the site…….?

Yes, I’m digging it.  I’ve seen many Airstream blogs and RV blogs pop up over the years, and I’ve always said to myself, “Maybe it’s time to polish up the site.”  And here we are.  I’m pretty jazzed with the new look and layout, and I hope you are too.

As always, drop me a comment and let me know what you think of the updated Airstream Chronicles!

P.S.  I’m still working on the site today, so if you pop by it might still be in flux.  I’ll probably be working on it for the rest of the day truth be told!

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  1. Congratulations on your Airstream blog makeover… looks great!

    I especially enjoy the full page layout and the sticky bar at top featuring select posts.

  2. Post

    Hey Bill!

    Thanks! And it looks like we’ve gotten that comment spam issue worked out. You’ve got timing. I was about to go and make a test comment as a fake version of myself.

    There’s a lot of work to be done. The sticky banner requires posts with featured images. For years and years I haven’t used featured images. With 1,716 posts it’s going to be a chore putting featured images in. I’m using a random featured image plugin right now, but over time I’m going to need to set a real featured image for each post. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to featured images I go……

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