Alas, I’ll be missing yet another Photoshop World again…..

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Each day I seem to get another e-mail about Photoshop World 2010 in Vegas.  Not a long drive from Prescott at all.  I’d love to go.  But once again, timing is everything.

The last few months of having the Z3100 at 50% really hit my bottom line.  Had you spoken to me in April I would have told you that yes, I was saving up for Photoshop World.  But after turning away a few thousand dollars in print work while waiting for the printer fix, and then running into the month of July (our worst month 2 years in a row) I have concluded that there is no money to spare for PSW.  While it’s a bummer, it is also the reality of small business.  Pick your expenditures wisely.

And yes, I know PSW would be a great place to make new contacts and potentially develop new clients.  Not to mention I’d get to see all the great new toys coming out for digital photographers.  Just thinking about it makes me drool a little (not on the keyboard)……..

Back in my wireless engineering days I got to attend cool conferences in telecommunications.  Ah the toys I got to see at those shows.  All the vendors pitching the latest and greatest voice mail, pre-pay systems, tracking databases…….more drool……  I love geeky tech conferences!  The big difference “back in the day?”  I had a multi-billion dollar company paying my way.  What’s a few thousand dollars between the actual conference cost and hotel rooms?

Fortunately for attendees, PSW isn’t super expensive.  $500 for NAPP members who sign up before the end of July.  Not bad.  Hotel rooms for 3 nights?  Yeah, spend at least another $500.  Dining, playing tourist, finding things you want to buy at the show?  Oh yeah, that happens.

So, this year’s budget for PSW just didn’t make it.  There is always next year!

For everyone going……  I’m so jealous!  🙂  Enjoy, and make sure to blog about the cool stuff for those of us not attending.

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