And now for something completely different – Photographing Bronzes

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This morning Carol Wynne popped in to have me shoot a new sculpture that she’s working on.  There’s a client interested in the piece even before it’s been cast into bronze.  Very cool.

Since I setup for her we went ahead and shot the rest of the pieces she has in here.  You know, all set up and ready to shoot, so why not keep shooting?

I have to say, I actually enjoy working on photographing bronzes, products, etc.  This week I shot jewelry for a local artist, all of John Skurja’s works that are in the gallery, and today Carol’s work.  With each shoot I played with the lighting to make each one unique.  In the case of Carol’s works, I went with the 580 EXII, my 24″ Lastolite Softbox, Radio Popper Jrx’s, one small white reflector, and of course the 5D Mark II.


The light was positioned camera left at a 45 degree angle into the pieces.  Camera right was my white reflector bouncing just enough light back in.  Carol’s pieces have so much to them.  I wanted to get detail and shadow.  I think the setup worked fairly well.

Several days ago I went through John Skurja’s bronzes as well.  I had the setup a little different, tweaked the reflector and light a little more, and dropped the exposure for some more drama.  There’s one of his pieces below.

You might think “product shots” could be boring, but you’d be wrong.  Playing with light and shadow, presenting the product in an appealing way…..  That’s fun and challenging!

There ya go!  Off to photograph a few paintings now, then print some family photos on Satin!

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