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For years and years I’ve been working on my photographic skills.  It all really started back in 1994 when I started wandering the White Mountains of New Hampshire with a backpack on.  Then a Pentax K1000 rode around in my pack.  Man, that thing was bomb proof.  What I tried to achieve back then is the same thing I try to achieve now…..recording amazing places and sharing those places with others through the images I capture.

Back then I sucked.  Sometimes these days I suck as well.  But I’m always trying to relay a place as I saw it.  I’ve used many techniques.  Filters, HDR, Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz, OnOne, and more.  Anything that can help me relay a place and make a memorable image.

I know what you’re saying……  “Rich, you’ve made some pretty surreal images over the years.  HDRs with halos, extreme edgy shots, etc, etc……”

Yes, you’re right.  But since I really got serious with my photography years ago my one goal was to create inspiring images of cool places.  I really want folks who see my work to feel as though they were there, and also inspire them to visit cool locations as well.

As I’ve been sorting images today I realize that I’m getting more and more picky when it comes to landscape.  I really want those outdoor scenes to relay what I experienced.  HDR for some, PhotoTune for others, Lightroom for a few, and in the case of a few select images, no post processing at all!



I don’t know where you come down on these images, but for me they certainly remind me of where I was when I was.  Satisfied that I really do have a good feel for dialing pieces into how I remember them.  And yes, sometimes things are a little edgier or slightly more saturated.  Why?  Uh, when I wander in the desert I see the world through polarized glasses.  Ever look at the sky with your polarized lenses?  Yeah, bluer than blue baby!  😉

In the coming weeks I’m going to attempt to create a few new podcasts of my selection process and post processing techniques.  You know, getting  a little more informative again.  After all, I’m now 5 posts away from number 1000!  That’s right, this blog is about to hit 1000 posts!  Any suggestions for post number 1000 will be seriously entertained.  Just pop a note up in comments sooner rather than later!

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