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A new week begins today.  Yes, I know it’s Tuesday, but that’s when the work week starts at the gallery!

So, what’s on schedule for the week?

  • Wrapping up on dialing the new IPF8300 in on colors!
  • Several collage canvas pieces for a client’s upcoming wedding.
  • Really sorting the North Rim images out today.
  • Ordering in rolls of gloss for the new 8300.
  • Returning calls to all the customers I missed last week.
  • Compressing the HDR workflow video.
  • Prepping for this weekend’s Photoshop for Digital Photographer’s class.
  • Post processing North Rim shots if I have time.

It’ll be a busy day.  Whenever you return from being away for a few days, isn’t it always busy?  Yeah it is!  And I do like busy!

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  1. I noticed that Scott Kelby had a rant about frame sizes (or lack thereof) for digital photogs. It reminded me of your rant. Keep up the good work.

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  3. Richard, this is COMPLETELY off topic, and for that I apologize but I have to ask!

    In reading your blog I’ve seen you mention that you have a photographer friend who does all (or most) of your “painting clients” images in preparation for your printing. I’m working with a client who wants me to shoot her artwork for resale as prints etc. Do you know how your friend handles the copyright on his pictures of the client’s artwork? Does he assign the copyright to the original artist, give them unlimited usage rights, or some other hybrid arrangement?

    Thanks for your great blog and I’m looking forward to your HDR workflow video! Paul

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    No problem with off topic. And since I’m awake and at the computer when your question came in, I can give a super quick answer.

    The copyright goes to the original artist. Larry shoots 2 4×5’s, provides them to the client for me to scan, and the clients can keep the 4×5’s. Larry does an incredible job on shooting large paintings, and makes my life color matching so simple.

    Please take a minute to pop by Larry’s site, and I’m sure if you have further questions Larry could be of help.

  5. Darn Richard, you’re fast! Thanks for the answer and the link to Larry’s site, it’s now bookmarked. I had guessed the answer correctly by-the-way 🙂 Have a great day and enjoy your new printer with your new glossy paper!

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