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This morning I popped by Granny J’s Walking Prescott and found a whole post on her recent visit to the gallery.  I knew she took some photos while visiting, but WOW!  She took some photos!

If you can’t tell, we were still all a little chilly, even being indoors.  Sure, I turn the heat up each morning as I get ready to open the gallery, but then I go and open the front door to let people know we’re open.  Seriously, closed doors do not help you look welcoming.  When it’s way too cold I leave the doors closed.

So….there’s the explanation for my jacket and Granny J’s dotter’s jacket!

Unfortunately Granny J arrived when I wasn’t printing anything.  If she’d been a little earlier or a little later…..well, she would have seen the HP slowly churning a print out.

It is slow too!

Thanks for the visit Granny J!  And we’ll figure out our next blogger get together soon.  I’m thinking a Sunday would work best……  Tombo, any thoughts?

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  1. I’m loving the picture where she captured you on the phone…that’s SO you lately…busy gallery owner 😉

    Sunday always works better for me, as I’m not required to check in at Snap Snap…

  2. Wow, isn’t it amazing what 35mm DIGITAL can photography can produce. ‘Course it didn’t hae anything to do with the talent of the photograper/printer; not one single thing!
    It’s a great photo, one that a bank might want for their walls! They can be good outlets, and so can hospitals. But you’re probably way ahead of me! In fact, I’m sure you are!
    Think we might make it out of here this weekend, if the weather continues to hold.
    Is that really you with the beard?

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