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Fil Kewanyama’s Latest Print

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One of my “regular” print client’s is Fil Kewanyama.  He’s taking some digital art courses at a local college, and I’ve printed several pieces for him over the course of the year.

His latest work is called, “Long Hair.”  I saw it for the first time today.  It’s also already been printed for Fil.Basic CMYK

The image was created in Adobe’s Illustrator program.  Very powerful software that I’ve used for years, and I still only understand about 5% of what a person can do with it.  Whenever I think of digital painting and using Illustrator I always think of Bert Monroy.  I’m still blown away by his images to this day!

Fil’s latest image was printed on Breathing Color’s Optica One.  We ran an 18×24″ print, and we’ll be mounting it here at the gallery for him later in the week.  I believe Fil already has this number one sold.  Not sure, I loose track sometimes if you know what I mean.

Currently Fil is not shown in any galleries in the area, but his collection of digital art work is growing.  If you have questions about his work feel free to drop me a line or comment here!

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