First Impressions: Lightroom2 and the Z3100

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For more than a year I’ve come to really rely on Adobe’s Lightroom and Lightroom2.  From photo management to minor retouches, and finally right to the actual printing, the Lightroom product line has done nothing but amaze me!

When the HP Z3100 arrived the other day I was beyond enthused.  Finally I had my printer on hand.  Printing for clients and Ian could begin.  But how would I deal with the printing?  Did I need to use something new?  Could Lightroom2 handle everything?

The short answer to my concern is yes!

Since I started testing the HP I’ve tried several programs for printing.  I’ve been happy to find that the easiest program to use when creating prints is still Lightroom2.  What I see on the screen is exactly what I get in my print.  That simple.

A few changes in the print interface page setup had me initially puzzled.  For some reason I couldn’t get my full borderless printing on a 24×36″ print.  Of course, the issue was user error.  Actually, user impatience.  Yesterday I found the tab I was looking for in the early afternoon and reset to borderless printing.  So simple, so straightforward.

So, at first glance it looks like I’ve got a very simple system at the ready……

  • Process my initial photos with Lightroom2.
  • Pop items into Photomatix Pro when I want to work with HDR.
  • Re-import the HDRs into Lightroom.
  • Final edits in Photoshop are launched directly from Lightroom.
  • Print the final edits to the Z3100 via Lightroom.

Seems like my work flow is going to be pretty simple!

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