George Molnar in the Ian Russell Gallery?

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Well, yes.  Often you can find George here milling around waiting for me to print out a proof or hand him a CD.  Sometimes he’s waiting on a print or looking at a print.  Often he’s standing, and occasionally he’s sitting.

But we’re not talking about George hanging out here today.  Rather we’re posting about hosting one of George’s popular pieces, “Eyes of the Canyon.”  This is the one that I’ve been doing a lot of in the past few months, and with good reason.  It’s a beautiful image!

Eyes of the Canyon. ©George Molnar

The other week while we chatting George made an interesting suggestion.  He offered the idea that we could host this beautiful reproduction at the gallery.  So this morning I started running off another 38″x54″ canvas of this painting.  I really appreciate George offering this to us.

Over the past few months I’ve had many new clients admiring George’s work in the gallery.  With each new print I’ve had the ultimate “demo” for the kind of work I do here for painters.  On more than one occasion the tipping point for artists has been seeing George’s giant canvases going out!

So, thanks for the offer George!  You should see this in the window by this weekend!!!

For anyone interested in purchasing this canvas, George lists it for $1800.  If you’re interested in any other pieces by George please stop by his website.

Finally, it would be cool to have George here in the flesh more often.  Every time he sits behind the counter while waiting for me to print a proof he gives clients a good laugh.  Maybe we can get him to work the front end a day or two a week……  😉

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