Life Cereal – Good enough to steal

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So, why am I sitting up at 3:40 in the a.m.?  Don’t I have work to do in a few hours?  What the heck is up with the title of this post????

In a nutshell, some #$@%$@%@! broke into my truck almost two hours ago.  They got in through the back cap (which was locked), took stuff from me, and then the truck alarm went off while they were inside the truck.  Yeah, it’s that kind of an early morning here.  And I’m none too thrilled.

What really got me was the cereal.  I keep a box of Life in the truck for snacking when driving all over the universe.  And when I closed up for the evening my Life was sitting in the passenger seat closed.  One of the officers who showed up to take my statement made a joke as the thieves didn’t take the box of life.  But it was open and dumped down onto the seat.  These low life pieces of dirt ate my Life cereal while in my truck.  Seriously, Maple and Brown Sugar Life is a treat.

Of course, now I can’t sleep.  The best part?  45 minutes after the officers left me I heard a noise outside.  Sure enough a very heavy set guy and small woman were BACK at the back of my truck.  I came out and the guy was all “Hey dude…..” as he started running away from the truck.  The woman took her time and sauntered off.


They didn’t get too much.  The camera gear was inside with me (don’t leave camera equipment in your vehicle).  Wallet, computers, etc.  All inside with me.  They did manage to steal a 2nd gen IPod touch which is older than me and doesn’t work unless it is plugged in.  Hope they like techno and music from the 80’s and 90’s plus some audio books.  My prescription sunglasses located in the center console are gone (not like there’s any sun here).  Didn’t take the HAM radio although it looks like they tried.  And they got my registration and insurance information.  Maybe they’re planning on making a claim on my behalf.  And of course, they ate my Life Cereal.

Just so you have the picture.  2 a.m. truck alarm is going off.  Shoots me straight out of bed cause that sucker is LOUD.  I don’t want to anger neighbors due to a false alarm so I’m scrambling.  Took my night guard (night grinder apparently) out of my mouth and tried to figure out where my pants were.  Can’t go running outside to turn off your car alarm with no pants.  That’s not civilized.  Gotta find the keys.  Where are the keys?  Finally, half naked (I did find the pants) I go shooting out the door to see one of the jackasses coming out of my back passenger door.  The other two (the police informed me) were already long gone. 

Okay, I’m out of it.  I need to sleep but don’t know about that.  Think the day is shot and it’s only 3:57 a.m.  Gonna call out today.  Need to call LifeLock, my insurance company, etc, etc, etc.  And I have to find a better place to be than where I am.

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