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My Dream Photo Assignment

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Tonight I’d popped by Jeff Revell’s PhotoWalk Pro Site.  I’ve got it linked in my “links” but thought I’d link to it again for you to check out.  He writes one of my “many” regularly read blogs.  I’m going to need to start getting up earlier to read them all!

Jeff mentioned an interesting contest, and I decided to go ahead and enter it.  “Name Your Dream Assignment.”  It’s a pretty simple contest.  Name your dream photo shoot and post it on their site.  If you get the most votes you win.

What does winning imply?  Plenty.  Money to cover the assignment, a new computer, another spot to blog about the assignment, and I bet more than a few visitors following along with the progress of the work.

So, I popped two dream shoots up there.  The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, and Ghost Towns of America.  We all know I love long distance travel, hiking, cycling, and photography.  The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route hasn’t been around as long as other long distance cycling routes.  It’s never been covered in depth photographically.  Imangine what that type of trip would be like.

And of course, Ghost Towns.  We all know I’m on a ghost town kick (reading more this week you know).  If I were to get somewhere with this contest I could see my way clear to cover ghost towns well beyond Arizona alone.

Hey, it’s a fun contest idea, and it is about a dream assignment, so why the heck not?  If you’d like to vote for my dream assignments simply go to the following link and vote……

Only have two weeks left for voting.  Ends in April.  And the top dream shoot currently has over 600 votes.  So, pass this link around if you’d like to see me take a crack at a dream photo shoot!

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