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No Printing Today

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Ah, down for 2 days.  It happens.

Yesterday while trying to clean the IPF8300’s print heads I kept getting a hardware error.  A long code full of numbers and one letter.

Hardware Error 03800500-2F44

Uh oh!

I got on the phone with Canon around noon PST.  Support answered quickly, and the guy who answered had answers almost immediately.  A far cry from my experience when the HP started having problems.  It took weeks to get to the right person to help me then.  Canon had help in mere moments.

After printing some test sheets and printer status we knew what was up.  The right print head was having problems.  Ugh.

Fortunately the head was still in warranty.  The guy on the phone told me he’d overnight a new one.  That easy.  No hassles no arguments.  Nice.  A totally different experience from when the Z3100 first started acting up.  Way to go Canon!

So, no printing yesterday afternoon and all day today.  That gives me time to work on client files, do a few composites for one client, and maybe even sort through the 1000+ images I shot of last weekend’s bike race.


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