Now it’s magazines……

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Since I’ve been parked in Prescott books have accumulated at the Airstream.  I’ve got a few rubbermaids full of books.

Now we’ve stepped into a new realm.  Magazines!

Sure, I receive Airstream Life Magazine.  I always have since I write for them.  I can handle one magazine.  But now a second magazine has arrived on the scene.  Photoshop User.

How did I wrangle that one?  I joined NAPP weeks ago, and one of the bonuses for members is a subscription to Photoshop User.  Pretty cool.  I’ve got a link to them on this site (look in the right hand bar).  The benfits of joining the group is what drew me in.  But now there’s more.

I just finished going through the magazine!  Just about everything in it was of value to me and got me thinking.  I haven’t been this satisfied with a publication in a long time.  More than a decade ago I loved Backpacker Magazine, but that publication changed and wasn’t as good.

Glad to have the new Photoshop User.  Looks like I’ll need a new rubber maid container.  If you’re into Photoshop check it out!

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