Airstream at Organ Pipe National Monument


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Shot with the IPod Touch. Mmmmmmm!

I think now and then it’s okay to find a new obsession.  You know, a socially acceptable obsession.  Not like stalking, or drinking yourself into oblivion, etc.  I mean a nice wholesome fixation on something positive.  Like a really good roast beef sandwich for instance……

Nearly two weeks ago I was introduced to Pasquale’s Place.  The blame rests with known trouble makers, Keith and Ida.  The good thing is they always make the right kind of trouble.

Now I know, I’ve lived here almost 4 years and I hadn’t tried Pasquale’s.  Blame that on the food issues which were only resolved within the past year.  I’m still overly cautious when it comes to dining out.  But Keith & Ida introduced me to the folks at Pasquale’s and they were happy to make sure no milk, no eggs.  All good.  Word is they have amazing salads too…..  hmmmmm…..eventually I’ll try, but currently their Italian Roast Beef has my full attention.

Last night I dealt with the obsession in a positive way.  I closed the gallery 15 minutes early and took a walk down.  By the time I was finished?  Yup, food coma!

It’s nice to have a new favorite place to dine!  🙂  Props to Ida & Keith, and big props to Pasquale’s.  Give them a try some time!

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