Once more into the Dells

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1/200th, f/7.1 ISO 50, 100mm on the Canon 70-200mm L Series

One of the bonuses of living here in Prescott is the Granite Dells.  Rock climber?  Yeah, you’ll love it.  Kayaking?  No doubt.  Hiking?  Uh, yeah……all good.

Portrait sessions?  Yup yup!

Today I took a quick trip out to meet Becky & Shawn.  Becky had been referred to me recently and when I asked where she’d like to do her portrait session she said, “Granite Dells.”  She had to check with Shawn first about timing.  Yesterday afternoon she gave a ring to see about doing a shoot today at 4:30.  Of course, I was available.  🙂

Now believe it or not, it’s still cold here in Prescott Arizona!  Brrrrrr!  In between shots we all stood in the sun to get warm.  And between shots I shared what the camera was showing me.  I liked what I saw.  They did too.  Kassi (who was on lights today) dug it all as well.

So a last minute shoot in the Dells worked out nicely.  Wish we had some clouds and about 20 degrees warmer.  But hey, you can’t have it all……..or can you?

If you want to do your own portrait session in the Dells get in touch!  I’m pretty darned flexible.  I’ll even work in the cold!  😉

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  1. Kassi on lights? Do you now have an assistant to handle lighting on most shoots or was that a special occasion?

    Keep up the great work Rich – looking good!

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