From one LTVA to the next

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The private site in Quartzsite

Our private site in Quartzsite, AZ. The LTVA is pretty quiet before the big Gem and Mineral show in January

This morning wasn’t the best morning I’ve had on the road.  Waking up at 3:30 because my nose was so cold was the start to an irregular day.  Reaching my hand out from under the covers I discovered that it was pretty darned cold inside the Airstream.  Clearly the heat was off.

Getting up and checking it out I found that the heater was set to on, but it wasn’t running.  Fortunately the fix wasn’t a big deal at all.  Switch to propane tank #2.

Fortunately being in an LTVA in Quartzsite there weren’t many people around to see me wandering around outside in my boxer shorts and a jacket while wearing Chacos.  It would have been an odd site to see if I had neighbors around me.  But there was nobody nearby, so I didn’t worry too much about it.

I will say, in that outfit I was a little cold.

By the time the Airstream heated back up I was pretty well awake.  Sad but true.  So it took a little while to get back to sleep.

With the morning’s events I finally woke up later than I had wanted to.  Today we had planned to move on from Quartzsite and toward other LTVA’s here in the southwest.  Glad to say getting on the road later didn’t really hold anything up.  Road detours played more havoc with getting to our destination today.

This evening’s LTVA of choice has really turned around a tough start to the day, and brought me a nice ending.  Where we’re camped now definitely has more character than Quartzsite, and more to see then just a dusty border town.  If you’d like to know more about the Quartzsite experience pop by Living In Tin as the full length article has been posted.

LTVAs as a destination

Can an LTVA be a destination location? I’m thinking it can with tonight’s stop

Our current location will be written about at length over at Living in Tin as well.  Of course I’ll be posting some updates here as well, but when it comes to future guides, reviews, and places to go, Living in Tin is where I’m posting the “big” stuff.

Over the next few days we’ll continue photographing and documenting the LTVA’s we’ve visited.  It’s definitely a different kind of boondocking!

Well, that’s it for the evening.  Off to ponder what I should have for dinner.  Soon we’ll need to pop into a real grocery store and resupply, Quartzsite was a little sparse when it came to food shopping!



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