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Over the past two weeks I’ve found myself doing a few individualized classes for photographers.  I do a group Lightroom4 class a few times a year over at the Art Store, but they don’t always fit everyone’s schedules.  So in addition to those classes I also offer a “one on one” experience for folks interested in a variety of topics.

Last week a former Lightroom student of mine came in for a full day of learning about off camera lighting.  She had a very specific purpose in mind, so we spent the day working with a few Alien Bee 800’s and Canon Speedlights.  We even had a stunning model on hand for the class.


In the end, Marion (the client) got to do a ton of shooting with our model and she walked away with a ton of great images.  She also walked away knowing how to use her new equipment, and how to work in manual mode for her portrait work (90% of my portrait work is in manual on the camera).  We definitely had a fun day.

Yesterday was my second small class.  Two clients came in recently asking if I could do a Lightroom 4 class for them.  I let them know about the group classes at the Art Store but they wanted a private session.  So we set a date, and yesterday was that date.

What I’m finding fun about the Lightroom classes lately is how wired I have the workflow for the class.  Months ago I put together a great DVD on Lightroom, and students get their own copy at the end of the class so they can review at home.  What I’m finding cool is how closely the DVD mirrors what we do in the course.  I guess I’ve done it enough to know that the workflow works well.

Before we wrapped the class up we had a little fun with images from the lighting class the week before.  The model got some extra editing just for fun, and it’s included here as well.  🙂

We decided to see if we could get the model’s eye color close to her shirt’s color. Fun!


If you’re interested in one on one classes feel free to get in touch.  I’m happy to cover a variety of topics.  Photoshop, Lightroom, HDR, Off Camera Lighting, or just general shooting.

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