Photographing Arizona Podcast Episode 9: A quick look at Topaz Fusion

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Jeff Revell recently posted over at Photowalk Pro about Topaz’s latest cool toy, Fusion.  I had to check it out for myself as well, so I made a “quickie” podcast to show you how it works, and my personal first impressions.

Topaz Fusion is a new little add on for Lightroom2 and Aperture.  Basically it allows you to go directly from Lightroom (in the case of this podcast) into the Topaz filter suite.  What’s that mean?  You can skip right past the necessity of using Photoshop!  Pretty simple.

Hope you enjoy the podcast and find it informative.  I go into a little extra detail and show you why Photoshop might still be necessary as well……

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  1. Impressive tutorial. You are having too much fun. The lesson even caught my interest as I am technically challenged.

    Bill’s former Apple technician recently moved bacj to Ohio and sent him information about DoubleTake ( which allows you to easily create Panoramic collages.

  2. Post

    Glad you enjoyed it Larry. Fusion seems like a neat little add on, but nothing beats having layers available to work with.

    I’ll check out the pano site. I’m still wowed by GigPan. Very cool stuff!

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