Amazing clouds at White Sands

PK Bootmaker’s new digs

Richard Charpentier Notes from Rich 2 Comments

Last night I stopped by my friend Paul’s new location.  More room, cool location, same superior quality custom boots.  Paul is now located in the Whiskey Row Alleyway.  You should stop in and say hi to him!


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  1. Nice shots Rich – the light looks ambient though, and I would have thought with your newfound passion for flash (which you are quite adept at dialing in to meet your needs btw) there would have been a bit more…well pop and color to the shots.

  2. Post

    You got me there Jason. Ambient only. See, there was a Growler of Liquid Amber involved, and I thought to myself, “Ah, we can go high ISO only…we’ve done it before.”

    I’m going to see about stopping in with 1 light and doing a few richer shots. And I’ll steer clear of the liquid amber (even though it is tasty).

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