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Pondering some changes & additions, seeking opinions

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Last week’s playing with the 5D Mark II’s video left me thinking about podcasts.  Over the course of my time traveling in 2006 – 2007 I produced in excess of 50 video podcasts on “Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles.”  Not bad for a guy with no video production background.  And better yet, people seemed to enjoy the podcasts.

I’m thinking about producing 2 podcasts a month, maybe more, but for the moment I’ll stick with 2 as the magic number.  🙂

The new podcasts will be about photography, Arizona, my setup, the gear used, etc.  Tutorials, on location shoots, HDR, post processing, the works. I think it will be fun, something different, and maybe useful to other folks who enjoy digital photography as much as I do.

Rather than building another blog, website, etc., I thought I could host it here as well.  But I’m thinking that it might be time for a name change.  And the change would fit the nature of the podcast as well…….

So, the big thought?  Changing from “The Airstream Chronicles Continued” to “Photographing Arizona.”

Deep thoughts?  Opposition?  Support?

Leave your comments, I’d love to know what readers think!

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  1. I try terribly hard to avoid deep thoughts…
    I think the name change suits the current circumstances. And I’d be interested in the podcasts as well.

  2. What’s wrong with keeping the name? I like “The Airstream Chronicles”. You might want to keep the name and just tag the podcasts as video, so that way if you ever want to do two a month alternating between audio and video, then the format stays consistent…

  3. Deep thought makes my brain hurt:)
    I kinda like Richard Charpentier Photo Chronicles.
    Anyway, I’ll eagerly be looking forward to whatever you do!

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