Shooting around town….yes, I still do that

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Monday, in between slogging cameras and tripods around the Dells and Granite Basin, and before the “death slide” down a rock face in Granite Basin, I took the time to wander around town a bit with the cameras.  I haven’t played much with photography in downtown Prescott lately.  Too many other distractions……

Like sliding down rough granite and quartz in Granite Basin.  Almost bled all over my white shirt too.  That woudn’t have been good.  Piece of advice for folks looking to shoot from the top of any climbing spot in the basin…..  Don’t carry two gear bags and two tripods while soloing what amounts to a 5.4.  There are moments when I wish for an assistant.  Sliding down rock face and leaving a lot of skin behind brought on one of those moments!  😉

From the safety of downtown Prescott I managed to take a few images that I don’t completely hate.  They’re not my best, but they are the only images I’ve ever shot at Prescott Fine Arts and the Hotel Vendome.  In both cases I’ll have to follow up soon, as I’d like to get a few more images of each location.

Well, enjoy!

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