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I must be lazy.  Just so tired this week and I’ve barely been doing anything.  I mean really, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Portrait shoot on Thursday
  • Test shoots on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • 12 gallery wraps went out this week.
  • Multiple large format Optica prints for clients
  • Can’t think of how many square feet of metallic paper went out.
  • Expired 3 more 330ML ink cartridges.
  • Tested out a new seamless white background.
  • More than 60 pages out of 80 for my first collected works book.
  • Updating the Ian Russell Gallery Web Page
  • Updating Allison’s Random Art Web Page
  • Watched multiple Kelby Training videos this week.
  • Had an electrical failure yesterday that left me limping through the day.
  • Setup a GIANT canvas for Russell Johnson’s show at the Frame & I.

Other stuff happened too.  Honestly this week has been a blur.  I’ve got more to do too.  But the “sleepies” are catching up with me.  So you won’t see me in town tomorrow.  Day of rest and all that.

I know… slacker!

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  1. When an ink cartridge “expires” while printing a large print, does that mean the print is ruined and you have to start over? Is there any of predicting when they will dry up?

  2. Post

    Fortunately it doesn’t ruin the print. The printer stops, you swap, and start rolling again. Both the 8300 & Z3100 let you switch during the print job which is fortunate.

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