So, it’s come to this in the Canon vs Nikon Debate

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3 Photographers in White Pocket. Rich, Ken, and Josh. Canon, Canon, Nikon

Last night while getting ready for bed I decided to stop by Twitter.  Several folks have added me as a follow, and I always like to go check out who they are and see if I’d like to follow them as well.  While on Twitter I came across a link posted by “Mostly Lisa“, a very talented photographer and tech guru out of Canada.  Very funny link indeed Lisa!

The link?  A new “music video” over at YouTube called Nikon Girl.  I’ve included the link below.

Nikon Girl

For years I’ve followed the Nikon vs Canon debate.  Personally, I don’t see what there is to debate about.  Both great camera manufacturers, both have great lenses, and I’ve seen astounding photos from both companies’ gear.  When will we all just get along.

I also started thinking about the photographers I know, and what they shoot with.  There was a time when I felt very alone as a Canon user, but I realized this morning, I’m not so alone any longer.  Let’s consider a few photographers I know…….

  • Bert Gildart:  Bert’s photography always grabs me, especially what he does with animal photography.  I don’t know how he does it (patience I think), but he does it.  Bert is a Nikon guy…..
  • Rich Luhr:  Rich is the owner of Airstream Life Magazine.  I spent time traveling with him and his family in 2006.  Another Nikon Guy!
  • Bill D:  Another Airstreamer like Bert and Rich.  Bill entered the digital SLR realm recently, and he also chose to be a Nikon Guy! I can say, Bill owns a Tilley Hat, so there’s a plus in his column for that!  🙂
  • Jason:  My friend Jason, over at CANONBLOGGER shoots with…..?  You guessed it, a Nikon.  Oh wait, no, he’s a Canon too.  Sometimes his site title confuses me just a touch!
  • Josh Gosell:  My friend and photo buddy, Josh, is a Nikon guy through and through.  And he takes some amazing shots with his new D700.  The high ISO shooting he does with the fire dancers regularly has made me a little envious of the Nikon lineup, just being honest!
  • Tony N:  My friend Tony started shooting with a DSLR about a year ago.  Fortunately I filled his head with enough Canon propaganda to where he didn’t realize there was another brand out there, and he went with a Canon!
  • Sadira:  Yes, Sadira is a Canon shooter to be sure.  She didn’t have much of a choice, as I had gifted her a Canon the other year.  Hey, if you get a camera given to you, guess what?  You’re on the team!
  • Rob Jamason:  My newest photography friend, client, and gallery artist, Rob is shooting with an older Canon Rebel.  And his shots amaze me consistently.  Way to represent Canon Rob!
  • Ken Christopherson:  Ken joined me on the first Coyote Buttes trip months ago, and he’s also a Canon guy.  Running around with a 20D he shoots often, and with consistent results.  Sure he wants my 5D Mark II, but he can’t have it.  Oh no…….
  • Nick Berezenko:  I met Nick this weekend.  He’s in town to photograph the Motor Lodge for Arizona Highways.  There’s a place I’d like to have my photography published some day.  When talking to Nick I took a look at his camera, and found a Nikon hanging around his neck!

I totally left Tom Hoopes off the list! So, what's the camera in the photo? How about a 30D? Canon, oh yeah!

So, there’s a list of 10 photographers I know off the top of my head.  I just counted up the number of Nikons and the number of Canons.  5 and 5.  A 50 / 50 split as it were.  But wait, I’m a Canon guy too!  So, 6 out of 11 photographers I know use Canon.  Canon wins!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I just don’t get the Canon / Nikon debate.  Great gear from both.  And in the end, it all depends on the person behind the lens, right?  That’s what I tell myself at least.

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  1. I shoot with an Olympus, no Canon/Nikon debate to worry about. : )
    Seriously, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, and Sony all make great cameras that produce great images. At the end of the day, it’s the photographer’s vision and the gear is a tool to create vision.

  2. Post

    I agree with you Sylvia. And yup, you don’t have to put up with the “Canon/Nikon” debate. Outside the fray. 🙂

    Still, I dig the video Joey L did! 🙂

    Have fun shooting!

  3. Well, Rich, actually I was a Canon guy…

    35 years ago using a Canon FTb, 35mm, SLR camera, which I dearly loved and which took wonderful pictures, especially when I was on WESTPAC Navy cruises.

    I owe you one picture of me wearing that Tilley Hat!
    .-= Bill D.´s last blog ..Desert coyotes =-.

  4. Yes. Well. My love affair with Canon started about the same time my love affair with you did (before that and LOOOOONG ago, I was a Minolta shooter…and they made a FINE 35mm film camera…which I actually may have somewhere around Foolsewoode come to think of it) Thank heavens I like Canon so well otherwise there would have been a lot of love lost (both personally and digitally)

    (And besides…you KNOW I was totally speechless when you gave me my birthday presents that year and the Canon was among them…and that’s hard to DO to me.)

    (cause I’m so wordy)

    We won’t talk about what camera I was using to usher myself into the digital age…but much like my computer it was just “…something I’ll use until I can figure out if I like doing this _______ insert photography/blogging in that space)”

    Go Team Canon!

    (is it totally weird that I’m always trying to put extra “N’s” in their name?)

    (and owning a Canon kind of makes me feel like a pirate)


    .-= sadira´s last blog ..Feasting Images… =-.

  5. VERY FUNNY VIDEO! By the way, does it count if I was held at knife point to become a Canoneer… Canonite… Canonian… whatever.

  6. Post

    Good grief Tom, you’re very creative with your names when dropping a note here. John Galt, really? Where’s your railroad chick? Why are you playing with cameras when you should be discovering the key to harnessing static electricity. Seriously, you’re commenting on blogs instead of changing our economic and political landscape?

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