Something old, meet something new

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Can you guess where the sun is? Sun, sand, water, and Airstream..... Mmmm hmmmm


Never before have I camped right on a lake with the Airstream.  And I mean right on a lake.  Sure there have been spots where you’re near a lake.  But I seriously could have set the Airstream up today with the step leading into the water.  Given that the water here is very cold, not a good idea.

So the “new” tonight is the location.  I’ve never been in this particular location before.  But I like it, and it is now added to my “must return to” list.

The something old could be many things.  Me, the truck, the Airstream……  In this case, the Airstream.  Not really old, but familiar.  As I sit here in a blasting wind storm with sand dunes encasing the Airstream and Titan I realize that I could be anywhere.  Point of Rocks, Colorado, New Hampshire…… doesn’t matter.  Inside the Airstream it feels cozy and homey.  Outside I’ll be greeted by a new view in the morning.  One I hadn’t seen until today.  And there will be a little surprise opening the door on a whole new location.  And I can happily close the door to avoid the wind / sand / cold, and feel at home.


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