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As readers know, I have many favorite photographers.  One of my favorites is Zack Arias.  Great photographer, great instructor, and all the rest that goes with admiring somebody’s work.

Recently I’ve been feeling…..well, kinda at sea to be honest.  I’ve achieved a lot in the past few years.  My business has grown out of its infancy, I’m actually paying myself and paying down the original business debt, folks are scheduling regularly…….  In short, I’m busy and growing.  All good stuff.

Go figure, with growth and a hint of success I’d start feeling let down.  What the heck is wrong with my mind?  I’m paying my bills with my studio now, it’s all good, right?

Fortunately I know what’s up with me.  I need a project.  A project for myself.  I’ve been shooting for clients which is good, but I need to shoot for myself as well.  In short, I haven’t felt like much of a photographer lately even though I’m shooting a lot.  Portraits, paintings, commercial stuff.  Where’s my wandering to find landscapes that wow me?  I’m tethered to Quickbooks, fine tuning paintings, and sorting portrait work.  Not complaining either, that’s the stuff that pays my bills…….

So do your own GOYA Rich!

Last week I did get out and about, and posted on why it is we do our jobs.  My quick day trip really felt good, and I had fun.  But honestly I need more, much more!

That’s where Zack’s blog and GOYA come in.  GOYA stands for “Get off yer arse!”  And that’s exactly what I need to do.  Going forward Sundays are going to be my GOYA days.  I’m scheduling it because I have to.  Whether or not laundry and house cleaning need to be done, irregardless of being tired after a long week, I have to get myself back out again.  Day trips are fine.  Longer trips would be better.  But whatever, I need to go shoot for myself again too.  I miss it too much.

So, big thanks to Zack for his own GOYA projects.



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