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Testing out the aerodynamics of the Airstream

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As a fun exercise today I thought it would be a great idea to drive into a storm with strong winds.  Okay, that’s not a great idea and it isn’t what I did.  However with the ominous billowing black clouds in the distance you’d think that might have been something in my head.

This morning we pushed out from Cortez Colorado.  The Airstream was pointed south to Gallup, then west toward Holbrook.  Yes, we’ve ventured back into Arizona for a few days on a secret mission.  A potential client would like to have a chat about a massive site overhaul, so I thought meeting in person is way better than a phone call.  All about really getting to know what clients want you know.

Go figure that getting up this morning and looking at Intellicast I almost had a stroke.  A wall of clouds over the Grand Canyon with big RED and ORANGE swatches everywhere.  Oh yes, that’s something I really want to drive the Airstream into!  Hmmm…hail sounds like just the thing for an Airstream!

Travel plans were quickly changed, and stopping at Navajo National Monument was written off for this quick trip.  Instead we opted to head to Gallup and then to Holbrook.  From the forecast the weather wouldn’t hit Holbrook for a while and we could be of the road.  Glad to say the plan worked well.  Of course now I’m looking at some pretty nutty clouds in the distance, strong winds, and hopefully no hail.

The Airstream will be tested tonight I think.  And I’m sure it will meet the challenge.

Tropical storms / hurricanes affecting Arizona?  Say it isn’t so.

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