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The blog still lives

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While I’m not blogging often, the blog itself lives on.  I know this for a fact because yesterday I had 5 different contacts from readers.  Neat.

Some were missing me and my posts.  Thanks guys, I’m still around, just busy earning a living.  Others got in touch for free information of one type or other.  Now I don’t mind it so much.  A few months ago I did because I had more free clients than paying clients (it seemed).

The blog will get attention again soon I’m sure.  Currently I’ve wrapped up testing on a national platform database that I designed in under a month.  This thing tracks from start to finish the entire workflow process that we do here.  Bet you want to know what the workflow process is.

Sorry, can’t tell you.  Proprietary and confidential stuff.  Signed a contract to that effect.  Suffice it to say what I made can be accessed by the web, IOS devices, and a straight up computer GUI that would make you proud.  Well, it’s made me proud at least.

Photos will come again I’m sure.  My life has always included photography, and it is something I enjoy.  But I decided to give myself a little while.  See, a little pain comes with breaking the camera out.  Failure sucks people, don’t let anyone tell you different.  So yeah, the cameras are shelved for a bit.  I’m busy enjoying some success, and gotta tell you that rocks big time!

Thanks to everyone who has been getting in touch.  Glad the blog still has value to readers.  And glad to see new readers are still popping up to read this post or that post.  Even idle, the blog lives.

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  1. Glad to hear you are getting over the “divorce” (loss of business) and moving on. I look forward to your upcoming photos, and reading about your continuing adventures through “life.”
    Box Canyon Mark

  2. Good to hear from you. The think about RSS feeds is that you can be dormant a year, then when you have something interesting to say, there it is.
    Good luck.

  3. I miss seeing you and your stuff downtown. Not that we were much help to you as we are on a budget that precludes buying art, but we always took visitors in to see you and one bought a photo once. We would love to be patrons of the arts but we are busy being patrons of the medical establishment!

  4. It’s not so much the blog but an interest in your welfare and pursuits which bring us back to check on you periodically. Glad to know you are busy and well.

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