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The King of Puppies…..

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Who is the Puppy King? And where is Jon Galt?


The coolest shoot I’ve done in a long time!

Unfortunately I can’t really tell you much about it.  It’s a “secret” shoot.  Seriously, it is a secret shoot and I have to wait like a whole month before I share any images from the shoot.  It will be published then, and only then will you see any of the real images from it.

Until then, we’ll all have to be satisfied with a few odd images that can be shown.

So, how did this stealth shoot come about?

I got a call this morning asking if I had any time today to do a photo shoot for a couple of folks.  The photographer who was going to do the work had a sudden death in the family and was not available.  Seriously, I wouldn’t kid ya here.  So I set about figuring out if I could somehow get wrapped up at the gallery sooner.  Fortunately Ian was able to man the store through the end of the day.

I raced home, grabbed my lighting gear, stands, batteries, etc.  Most everything is in one Pelican Case and a backpack.  Then I raced off to meet the clients……

Who I can tell you nothing about.

And we went to a location…….that I’m not saying anything about.

Finally, we took some pictures, which I can give some clues to, but that’s all.

In the land of the King

Two 430 EX II’s were used.  The Canon 5D Mark II was involved.  I knelt down in stuff that’s concerning and I think I might get checked for viruses tomorrow.  Boulders and underwear can be seen in some of the images.  In other images, boulders only.  There were Zen moments, and then moments when the clients strangled each other.  They knelt down in stuff too, and really we should all go to a clinic before we’re responsible for unleashing some terrible disease upon the greater Prescott area.

Overall on the shoot there was a lot of laughing.  Often I heard the words, “That’s what she said,” to almost any comment made.  You know, I’d be checking lights and say “Hold on a sec,” and I’d hear right back, “That’s what she said.”  Ah, how come that stupid old line was funny this time?  And how come I couldn’t keep it together as the folks involved made crack after crack and I had to stop shooting because I was laughing?

Really, is there supposed to be laughter at a photo shoot?  I mean really.  Personally, I’m supposed to be a serious professional making my living with a camera.   And the clients…..yeah, they’re supposed to be serious professionals too making their living however they make it.  Ah, bet you thought I’d slip up and give something away.  Not likely, you’re going to have to wait to see just like I’m going to have to wait to post.  Suck it up people!

And all throughout the shoot we were watched over by my new personal totem.

The King of Puppies!

Oh crap! I left someone's shadow in this. Now you totally know who was there, what we did, and where we were. I suck at being secret!

Great way to end a day that was a total downer.  And when you’re so down, isn’t it nice that a random event can pull you in and leave you laughing?  And leave you wishing that you had a laptop mounted in the truck so you could start off loading photos on the ride home……  Hey, Photoshopping while driving can’t be half as bad as texting while driving, right?  Somebody should figure a way out.

Alright, gotta dash.  Still off loading images.  Think I’ll swing the Airstream door wide while I wait, and maybe I’ll hang out holding a boulder……..

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  1. Oooo, I look forward to seeing what you’ve got. I know the locale, and all I have to say is: awesome place for portraits.

  2. Post

    It is a cool spot Tombo. I’m dying to post a few of these, but just can’t. I will say, 287 images shot, 87 really great images that need nothing further. That’s a 30% “I like it” ratio off the bat. Not bad. And there were other good ones too, but you know how it is. Parse em down to only the super best! 🙂

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