The missing blogger returns

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Guess you could say that I’ve been a missing photographer as well.  I’m correcting both issues right now!  Blogging, and popping a few photos up to boot!

Everyone needs a holiday.  So for a few days I stepped away from the blog.  Nice break to be sure.

On the photography front…..I just haven’t been shooting lately.  So much else going on.  I’ve got to get a little balance going again.  Some shooting, some gallery time, some printing time……ah, balance!

Speaking of balance.  An old friend from high school has popped out to AZ for a short visit.  Not to visit me, but to visit AZ.  Needing a getaway, and I think everyone can understand that!  Timing for an AZ visit isn’t the best right now considering the COLD!  Hopefully she’ll still enjoy seeing the sights here!

Today we took a quick run up to the Grand Canyon as Jodi has never seen it before.  I was a little concerned as I’d heard there was snow and ice on the roads up there.  And you know what?  Those reports were accurate.  It was a frigid day on the South Rim!

Interestingly enough, there were very few tourists today.  Every visit to the Canyon has previously felt like a trip to Disney World.  Folks pushing past each other, foreign tourists launching folks over the railings, you know, fun times with large groups of people!  Today nobody tried to eject either of us over the rim.  It was nice.  Of course, the folks on the rim today were just huddling up to stay warm.  I was trying to keep warm too!

We stopped into several “view points”, visited with a few chilled tourists from CO, and made our way over to Desert View.  The whole time I was saying, “Brrrrrr” a lot!  Of course, I believed a forecast I read regarding the temperature, and I should have layered just in case.   So, Brrrrrr!

On our way back I decided to stop into the Lomaki ruins.  Jodi has never been to AZ, and I thought it would be nice to share a favorite spot.  Even at the ruins it was extra chilly, and we didn’t remain long.

Well, off to make dinner now.  Blog post is posted, new photos are up, and I’m back to blogging for the remainder of 09′.  🙂

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