The Tuesday News Update from the Airstream Chronicles

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The bulk of the Firehouse's upper level will now be part of the Firehouse Kitchen.

Well, what’s the latest goings on in my world? Plenty. So, let’s get right to it!

  • Airstream News:  Our “false start” to Spring is over and the cold is back.  This morning I awoke to nearly frozen water lines for the first time in a while.  When the temperature drops below 20 my water line freezes no matter what, even with the heat tape on the water line.  You know it’s cold when……..
  • The latest endorsement for training with RL Charpentier Photography:  If there was any uncertainy about PMUG’s reaction to my presentation this weekend, there isn’t any longer.  Alan Laudenslager from the PMUG group CC’d me this morning regarding a new link they’ll be putting on from their blog site.  They’re letting all the members know about the photo training workshops and one on one training.  To quote Alan exactly: “Rich Charpentier, who spoke at our last monthly meeting, will be teaching photography classes. See this link for info  (  Those of us who heard him speak at the meeting know that the man can teach! If you are photo buff or a wana’ be. Check it out.”  Big thanks Alan, and thanks to PMUG for hosting me!
  • Work continues upstairs at the Firehouse!

    The Firehouse Kitchen Expansion Continues:  This morning I popped my head into the new bar area here at the Firehouse.  Ian Russell is up there toiling away right now to make sure that the Kitchen’s “Grand Re-opening” will be on time.  Things are progressing, and I’ll continue shooting the construction.  You know, before and after type stuff.  Can’t wait to see the expansion’s completion!

  • The “Secret Shoot” is coming up this weekend: Over the past month I’ve been getting ready for a very interesting project.  This coming Sunday I’ll finally be doing the shoot, and sometime next week I’ll be popping up some new images here.  This project is very different from what I usually shoot, so be sure to tune in next week.  I might just surprise you!
  • The Hot Shoe Diaries: Yes, I know, get with the times Rich.  You finally read Joe McNally’s “Hot Shoe Diaries?”  Really, everybody else read it like last century.  Where have you been? Well, I’ll tell you where I’ve been.  At the gallery, printing, working on web sites for clients.  And so much more.  So yes, I had never gotten around to reading this amazing book.  Now that I have read it I wish I’d read it sooner.  I’ll be re-reading it again to be sure.  Love Joe’s writing style, his explanations of setups, and the final products.  I also enjoy the theme that comes across every so subtly.  There’s no perfect formula, you need to experiment and make it what you want to make it.  Have you noticed, all the really good instructors seem to beat this drum, and I love hearing that message again and again!  Thanks for the great book Joe!
  • Training is moving along at a good pace:  Even though I’m offering several workshops and training classes, that doesn’t mean I don’t need to continue learning too.  I’m instructing on what I know.  And what I know is a fraction of what’s out there.  So, what type of training have I been doing lately?  Well, many of Joe McNally’s courses on KelbyTraining, and Dave Ziser’s courses as well.  Are you seeing a theme?  People photographers who use flash……Hmmmmm….something very different for Rich.  Yes, I’ve been experimenting.  And yes, you’ll see some results from the experiments soon….just not yet.  🙂  Just like my initial journey into Photoshop and HDR, the initial results SUCK, but they’re improving by the day.  Why all this effort for a landscape junkie?  Simple.  Adding a person here and there will give a whole new perspective to the places I shoot!
  • Optica One + Glamour II = Amazing Photo Floats: The photo float experiment here is a great success.  The formula for a bomb proof print that can be mounted without glass has been found.  And I love the results.  I’ll be adding it to our list of products soon.

    One of Chris M's amazing shots!

  • Chris Marzonie, the experiment: In a few short weeks, Chris Marzonie from Overland Journal, will be showing at the Raven Cafe.  Chris has some amazing work.  You know, the kind of work that makes you say, “Damn, I wish I’d taken that!”  We’ll be running 6 BIG canvases for him, and 14 photo floats for the show.  Chris inspired the desire to start making floats, and I can’t wait to see his images unveiled at the Raven.   Check back in and I’ll let you know when the show starts!

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