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As I sit running out the last of my 24″ wide Chromata Canvas I’ve found a few minutes to pay attention to the blog.  I know, bad blogger these past few weeks.  Negligent to say the least.

While we’ve been running at a rapid pace getting Christmas orders wrapped up for people there’s also been some time to think about the future.  Being this busy (finally) leads to a lot of thinking about the future.  Where am I taking my business?  And what’s the personal direction I’m moving in?  Big picture questions and the small detail questions as well.

Part of what I’ve decided to do in 2012 is to develop the blog a little more.  A new direction added to what I already use it for.  Starting in January I’ll be sharing more of the operation side of a small photography business.  There are so many great photography training sites out there, so many fantastic tutorials, etc.  But the reality check of what it takes to operate a small photo studio isn’t out there.  And for all the folks looking to do this for a living there’s a big gap between wishing and doing.  So I’m planning on sharing a little more next year (provided I have time).

What will we be talking about?  Well, everything!  From doing sales tax each month, accounting, pricing, marketing, shoots, down time……….we’ll try and cover it all!  Interestingly enough, we’ll talk about growing into new markets like commercial photography (something I’m doing more often now).



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