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Today starts out at a very fast pace.  With the time change adjustment still going on work began “early” for this time zone.  If I were on the east coast I would have been right on time.

I’ll be meeting with my client this morning to discuss all the changes they want for their website.  The process of converting the site will actually start tomorrow.  Right now I’ve got to get all of my ducks (or campers) in a row.

While this might seem like a limited niche, I’m betting on the fact it actually isn’t.  Park owners I’ve spoken to so far are all very interested in what we’re offering.  This week will be the first go round with an active park and a live site instead of a demo site.

If you’re wondering, “What does Rich bring to the table for RV Parks across the country,” I’ve got a set of answers.

  • Web site design expertise since the first web browser was available.  The first HTML site at University of New Hampshire was the Economics Department, where I was working on my thesis on the Economics of Digital Networks.
  • An experienced network engineer.  I know the ins an outs not only of web site setup, but also what connects you to the world.
  • Full Time RV’ing experience.  Been a full timer for over 6 years.  I know what I look for in a park, and what I wish I’d find when searching the web for parks to visit.
  • Professional Photographer with years of commercial work under his belt.  Do you want snap shots of your park on a website, or do you want professionally shot photographs of your park and surrounding areas.  The snapshots don’t sell your park, let me tell you.

In addition to my credentials I also have several other folks working with RLC Design Services (my new umbrella company).  This isn’t a solo gig unsupported.  As work progresses we’ll talk about what else goes into this process.

For the moment I’ve got to wrap up this post and get ready to talk with the client.  Notepad is handy, and we’ll be running through a lot today.  That means no fun roaming around taking pictures.  That’s okay though, I did that yesterday.


Spruce Tree House, located in Mesa Verde National Park


Walking into the Spruce Tree House ruins

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