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The Airstream Chronicles has been actively blogging about full time living in an Airstream since August of 2008.  And now in 2018 we’re giving the blog a completely new look to tie it into our other sites.  Beyond The Airstream Chronicles Blog, we also run The Airstream Chronicles Podcast, The Airstream Chronicles YouTube Channel, RLC Design, and AZ Drone.

This isn’t your ordinary Airstream blog.  Over the years we’ve talked about building a small business, photography, Photoshop, Full Time RV Living, travel, and more.  There’s a lot of topics with 10 years of blogging!

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Rich's YouTube Channel - Mobile Tech Mobile Living

Over the past year I've been assembling a lot of new YouTube videos about Full Time RV Living, working from the road while traveling, building a small business, drone flight, and more.  The YouTube Channel has been the place to document a lot of my recent activities in 2017 and 2018.  While we're breathing new life into this blog, the YouTube Channel has a lot of content not found here.

More about The Airstream Chronicles

Spring of 2006 I hit the road with a 25 foot Airstream in tow.  And from day 1 I began blogging about traveling the country with the Airstream, the places I saw, and the people I met.

The original blog, “Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles,” suffered an unfortunate and disappointing death at the hands of hackers who really wanted to sell some Viagra.  So 2 years worth of blogging ended up going up in smoke.

From the ashes I created a new site on a new hosting provider, and gave the name a little update.  “The Airstream Chronicles Continued,” was the new site name and it stuck for many years.  The site layout remained the same for years as well.  But finally last year I provided an update to the site layout and name.

After working with clients across the country on their websites I decided that the Airstream Chronicles needed a little more updating.  And that’s the site you’re looking at today.  I hope you enjoy it, and that it continues to provide useful information for RV’ers, Airstreamers, Photographers, and anyone else who cares to read it!  🙂