Photography & Editing Online Classes

If you've enjoyed the photography on this website over the years, and you've always wanted to step up your photographic game, now is your chance.  In 2018 I've started creating new online courses with  And I'm currently offering those classes at a deep discount for regular readers here at the Airstream Chronicles.

Lightroom Workflow Online Course

Currently my Lightroom Workflow course is available to readers for only $10.00.  In the class you'll learn the ins and outs of Adobe's Lightroom Classic, how to edit your images, how to organize them, and more!  You can click on the image below for more information and to sign up.  This course contains over 3 hours of lessons, and is yours for life.

Drone Photography

For new Drone pilots I've got a very interesting course for you.  Drones can do some amazing things.  Often you'll see a lot of drone video online.  But how about Drone Still Photography.  Yes, shooting with a drone is very different than shooting with a terrestrial camera, and in the class we'll talk about what you can expect.  This course includes 8 hours of material, and is yours for life.  Normally this course is $69.99 but as you'll see when you click over to check out the course, it's been massively discounted for you!

Coming Soon - Landscape Photography

This will be my largest online course to date.  And it should be released by the end of October 2018!  So check back soon to sign up.


This class, released November 19th of 2018, is an introduction to making 3D Modes with DJI drones.

3D Modeling software can get very expensive, and if you're new to making 3D models with drones we have a few cost saving tips and demonstrations in the class!

Drone 3D Modeling Class Tutorial

Website Design with X Theme and Wordpress

This website you're looking at was built with Wordpress and X Theme.  Have you ever wanted to build your own standalone custom website that you fully control?  If so this class may be right up your ally.

You don't need to know anything about Wordpress or X Theme to take this class.  It's designed for complete beginners, and will take you through the basics of building a highly customized website with X Theme.  Whether you want to build a simple blog, or you want to share your travel adventures with a completely custom website, this course will help you get there.  This class contains over 9 hours of information, and is yours for life!