• Yesterday’s Post – The power of SEO

    Yesterday I wrote a little tongue and cheek article on Netflix, and the reaction of RV Park owners when this terrible word is mentioned.  This morning while searching on RV Parks in Ajo I discovered something.  My post was already page 1 of Google in under 24 hours.

    I wrote up a full article on the power of SEO on our business site.  If you have a business and an online presence I suggest you go read the article.

    The most amazing thing, I wasn’t even trying to target a search on RV Parks in Ajo.  I was writing about the reaction to RV’ers using Netflix in a park.  I simply mentioned the town, and mentioned the words RV Park.  That’s all it took.  Imagine if I was really trying to be page one of Google searching for parks here.

    We have been using several new tools for SEO here at RLC Design and the Airstream Chronicles.  And I’ll tell you, the new tools work extremely well.  From our recent clients in Custom Drapery, Framing, and Flight Schools we’ve seen firsthand how targeted SEO can increase a business website’s visits within a very short period of time.  It’s pretty darned amazing!

    So, if you’re searching for RV Parks near Ajo Arizona, don’t be surprised if you see my post about Netflix and RV Parks.  Funny stuff!


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    Classic Airstream at Imperial Dam

    No Netflix streams to this retired vintage Airstream

    The number one way to make a RV Park owner or Park Manager’s eyes bug out?  Say Netflix to them!

    Today we’re stopped off in a normal park in Ajo, AZ.  Taking a day off from the boondocking to get some laundry done, refill the tanks, etc.  Tomorrow back to the boondocking!

    Registering at the office today the woman at the counter was beyond super friendly.  So of course we got to chatting as she told us about the park, the cable access, and the now obligatory “Free Wi-Fi” that all parks offer.  I responded, “Oh, we don’t use cable at all, but might use Netflix.”

    It’s fun to watch folks when you say something scary and terrifying.  Having the effect on people equivalent to telling them, “The Walking Dead is real, and at your door,” might seem a little cruel, but really it isn’t.  Saying Netflix at a park usually elicits saucer sized eyes, instant brow sweat, and often people dodging under the counter in the way they would if someone pulled a weapon.  And for our poor host today, we saw the whole reaction.

    “Oh, well you might not want to use the Wi-Fi for Netflix.  It only takes a couple of people to bring the whole system down!”

    Ah yes, it continues at parks across the country.  Free Wi-Fi is something you say you offer.  Functional Wi-Fi is something 93% don’t really offer.  Sure you see the signal on your computer, but it’s just a tease you know.  Download text only e-mail, browse drab websites that offer no images, and perish the thought you might stream a video to your computer.

    Don’t be cruel.  Bring your own LTE network along with you.  Otherwise you’re gonna rock a boat.

    So, while we sit out an unusual rain storm (unusual for this time of year) in Southern AZ, we’ll have to watch our Netflix over our own Wi-Fi.  I have no interest in bringing the zombies to my door or anyone else’s for that matter.  :)


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  • The Airstream Boondocking Trip Continues

    Whispy AZ Clouds

    No matter where in Arizona you are, the sky is always amazing!

    Over the course of the past week the Airstream has been only to boondocking camp sites.  No hookups to be had.  See, we’ve been checking out the Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVAs) in AZ and CA.  Definitely something different when it comes to camping and Airstream boondocking…..  My normal boondocking trips are always to locations unknown to many, and often have very few sites available to RV’s.

    Our first LTVA, in Quartzsite, wasn’t the type of place that I personally would want to stay at for a long time.  Sure, it’s really cheap to stay there, but what of it?  When we set out to camp and do the off grid thing I personally don’t think I should be hearing constant traffic noise from a highway.  That’s fail number one for me when it comes to getting away!

    Fortunately our second LTVA experience, Imperial Dam, is fantastic.  Set far enough away from Yuma so you don’t get everything that comes with a city, and far enough away from any highway as to hear nothing, this is a great boondocking location!

    Over at Living In Tin (the sister site to the Airstream Chronicles) I popped up a week in review wrap up.  It’s a complimentary article, so you don’t have to subscribe to see it.  Take a look!  So far, a week of boondocking has been pretty nice.

    Airstream Boondocking Continues….

    A few more days of enjoying the Imperial Dam LTVA will be in order.  And from our current location we’re looking at Organ Pipe and the Sonoran Desert National Monuments.  Ah yes, we are still documenting the National Monuments of Arizona and the Southwest, it’s just taking a little longer since we have to work in between visits!

    LivingInTin.com is where we’ll be putting up the larger articles, in a sort of online magazine / ebook style.  As we were unable to secure funding to launch our book campaign earlier in the year we decided this would be the best route to accomplishing the same task.

    For current subscribers and future ones, we have a suggestion.  If you’re using Living In Tin for guidance visiting these locations, you’re welcome to save pages from the site in order to view them offline.  Something like an e-book, eh?  You can learn more about the iPad app that does this here.  And the similar Android app is here.  I’ve tested them both out, and they work very well!


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  • From one LTVA to the next

    The private site in Quartzsite

    Our private site in Quartzsite, AZ. The LTVA is pretty quiet before the big Gem and Mineral show in January

    This morning wasn’t the best morning I’ve had on the road.  Waking up at 3:30 because my nose was so cold was the start to an irregular day.  Reaching my hand out from under the covers I discovered that it was pretty darned cold inside the Airstream.  Clearly the heat was off.

    Getting up and checking it out I found that the heater was set to on, but it wasn’t running.  Fortunately the fix wasn’t a big deal at all.  Switch to propane tank #2.

    Fortunately being in an LTVA in Quartzsite there weren’t many people around to see me wandering around outside in my boxer shorts and a jacket while wearing Chacos.  It would have been an odd site to see if I had neighbors around me.  But there was nobody nearby, so I didn’t worry too much about it.

    I will say, in that outfit I was a little cold.

    By the time the Airstream heated back up I was pretty well awake.  Sad but true.  So it took a little while to get back to sleep.

    With the morning’s events I finally woke up later than I had wanted to.  Today we had planned to move on from Quartzsite and toward other LTVA’s here in the southwest.  Glad to say getting on the road later didn’t really hold anything up.  Road detours played more havoc with getting to our destination today.

    This evening’s LTVA of choice has really turned around a tough start to the day, and brought me a nice ending.  Where we’re camped now definitely has more character than Quartzsite, and more to see then just a dusty border town.  If you’d like to know more about the Quartzsite experience pop by Living In Tin as the full length article has been posted.

    LTVAs as a destination

    Can an LTVA be a destination location? I’m thinking it can with tonight’s stop

    Our current location will be written about at length over at Living in Tin as well.  Of course I’ll be posting some updates here as well, but when it comes to future guides, reviews, and places to go, Living in Tin is where I’m posting the “big” stuff.

    Over the next few days we’ll continue photographing and documenting the LTVA’s we’ve visited.  It’s definitely a different kind of boondocking!

    Well, that’s it for the evening.  Off to ponder what I should have for dinner.  Soon we’ll need to pop into a real grocery store and resupply, Quartzsite was a little sparse when it came to food shopping!



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  • All Airstream All The Time

    Over the past few months the blog changed gears away from travel and the Airstream and toward earning a living while on the road.  And I’ve received a few private e-mails asking when the blog would move back to the travel focus and away from the mundane life stuff.  Sadly, this blog is not 100% all Airstream all the time.

    Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.44.32 AMBut I’ve got great news for those who really only want the Airstream and travel part.  This website is pretty darned modern, and it includes categories.  Those categories cover different things.  So if you only want Airstream posts you can get them!  On the right hand side bar, part way down is a nifty little drop down called “Categories.”  And in that drop down is the category, “Airstream.”  I’ll even provide a nifty little screen shot.

    Readers can also look at a particular month if they’d like to under, “Archives.”  See, I told you this website was pretty darned modern!  And nifty too.

    A Full Time RV’ers Blog

    Really, this website is a full time RV’ers blog.  Since 2006 I’d been documenting travels and full time living on my old site, and then on this one since 2008.  And the reality of full time RV living is the fact that there is the “living” part that goes well beyond just travel and nifty tips on how not to get black water all over you when dumping your tanks.

    The “living” for many full timers means working while on the road.  Managing finances while traveling comes in too.  And overall, trying to work from a small space pops in regularly.

    Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.50.53 AMSo yes, while I’d love to bring 24×7 travel to you, often this blog will cover other things beyond the Airstream itself and daily travel.  For those who are retired or have some amazing revenue stream?  You have my envy, and hats off to you.  For the rest of us, I think this blog is a pretty good reflection of the reality of full timing when you’re not yet at retirement age!

    In response to those who just want the Airstream stuff and the travel, click the drop down!  For those who want a little more, just keep reading along with this site.  I sprinkle in a little bit of everything.  And if you’re thinking about full timing and working from the road, I’d suggest reading everything here.  There’s some good stuff.

    Living In Tin

    Finally, don’t forget the launch of our new site, Living In Tin.  If you just want travel articles, guides, and some stunning photography you can pop over there and subscribe to the site.  For December several interesting articles will be going up.  We just posted a “boondocking basics” over there, we’ve got several guides to amazing locations, and the site is still growing.

    And yes, it’s a subscription site.  That whole idea rolls into the idea of making a living while on the road!  :)  But I can promise you, it’s a site that you should keep an eye on as it’s only getting better with each passing month!

    Honda Generator for an RV

    One of the latest images up over at LivingInTin.com

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  • Warmer temperatures, warmer Airstream

    Airstream Blog

    The Airstream Chronicles Blog continues

    Ah yes, Prescott is behind us and the warmer parts of the Southwest are in front of us!  Great to have the wheels rolling once again.

    For the past few days the Airstream was parked at a favorite boondocking spot, Vulture Peak.  Warm temperatures, Saguaros all around the Airstream, coyotes serenading us in the evenings (right next to the window)……it’s good to be able to move home base now and again!  And better yet, to move it where the temperatures are just right!

    Tonight we’re south of Vulture Peak.  For the next few days we’ll be researching the LTVA’s of the southwest for then next article over at Living In Tin.  Tonight I actually posted a new premium article for subscribers there on Boondocking Basics.  It’s amazing how many RV’ers I’ve met over the years who have never boondocked!  You’ve got a self contained portable home, and you never tried your batteries, going off grid…..nothing.  What a shame.

    If it weren’t for needing to continue a revenue stream (ie work), the Airstream would definitely land in more boondocking locations every year than it does now.  Pulling out into the desert and not being surrounded by other campers (unless by choice) is awesome, and I think everyone should give it a whirl at least once.

    So yes, a whole article introducing people to boondocking is live at Living In Tin.  If you haven’t checked out that sister site to this one, pop on by there today and give it a once over.

    Keep watching as the sporadic updates come in.  Currently we have 4G LTE, so connecting to the Internet is easy.  Our next LTVA stop might not be as network ready.  You just never know.

    Oh, and if you’d like to know what an LTVA is, we’ll be posting a larger article over at Living In Tin in a few weeks.  :)



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  • 41 years of friendship

    That’s a very long time to know someone given the fact that I’m now 43!  But it’s true.

    I received an e-mail from my mom’s friend Lynn this morning, and gave her a call.  I’ve know her since I was 2 years old, and remember her through all of the years.  She and I have a bond that’s like family you see.  And I’m always happy to hear from her.

    Yesterday was December 7th, and 41 years ago my mom started into her bone marrow transplant.  I remember the date every year to be sure.  My mother always referred to it as her second birthday, for good reason.  The transplant saved her life from what was then a terminal illness, A Plastic Anemia.  And that transplant allowed me to know my mom much longer than I would have otherwise.

    Lynn was working at Brigham and Women’s hospital back then, and that’s when her friendship started with my mother.  And they remained friends until the day we lost my mother in 1999.  Lynn was with her when she passed away.  And since then, she stays in touch with me as well.

    In all of my travels, and throughout my life I’ve made many friends.  And I’m happy to know you all.  But well before anyone laid eyes on this website I made many friends as well.  And Lynn is certainly a memorable and important one.

    Thanks for always staying in touch Lynn, and thanks for being there for my mom all of those years.  And finally, thanks for remembering her each year on the 7th!

    Now everyone, go hug someone!


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