• Thinking outdoor thoughts

    As we’re wrapping up with our client in Prescott I’m starting to think a lot about our next destination.  The back of the Titan has been emptied out, and I’m trying to figure out how to fit everything into it.

    Bottom line, for the next destination I want my mountain bike along with me again.  I haven’t ridden regularly in years, and that’s a shame.  While I enjoy hiking in the locations we visit, and of course photographing the places, you can cover a lot more distance on a mountain bike!  So yes, we’re playing Tetris with the Titan this weekend, all to fit the mountain bike in the back!

    Full time RV’ing means keeping track of how much “stuff” you allow into your rig.  If one new thing comes in, something else should go out.  For years fitting the mountain bike was easy.  But with the addition of a few larger Pelican cases for gear, the short bed in the Titan seems a lot shorter!

    Our next destination is Chiricahua National Monument.  There’s a lot to see there, and a lot to document for Living In Tin, and the bike will be a great addition to the gear we bring along.  More options for video will be available, and maybe some more photographic opportunities!  So wish me luck with arranging the back of the truck!

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  • Sometimes I forget I’m camping

    The Airstream is home & office.  Sometimes I forget, I'm camping too!

    The Airstream is home & office. Sometimes I forget, I’m camping too!

    Full time Airstream living for years now, I often forget that I’m camping.  For many readers, taking a quick trip in your RV is a weekend adventure, or maybe even a little longer.  And when you head out to a destination there’s all the excitement associated with a big getaway.

    In my case, home and travel are combined together.  Often the travel is for work, and I get focused on the work.  But no matter where I go, I am in fact camping.  And the past few weekends have reminded me of that.

    Camping songs and more

    The Airstream is still parked in Prescott.  We’re at Point of Rocks, and we’ve spent the better part of 5 months here.  Now and again we’ve gotten away for a few weeks, but we keep coming back here because people have been wanting to work with us.  So the last few months have been very work oriented.

    Over the last few weekends though I have been reminded (happily) that I am in fact camping.  The RV season is here in Prescott, and Point of Rocks has been super busy.  RV’s pulling in and out of the park every day.  Families having reunions, kids biking the dirt roads and trails, people walking their happy dogs, and live music being played throughout the park.  When a good guitar player is parked next to you, you know you must be camping.

    Granite Dells

    My back yard while working in Prescott. Not a bad place to unwind at the end of the day!

    While we may not be on the road at the moment, the road comes to us.  We’ve met so many great people over the past few weeks, it’s just been amazing.  Everyone is out having a good time and enjoying the blue skies and puffy clouds that Prescott offers.  And visiting with all of these people, in between work of course, has reminded me about many of the positive aspects of full time RV living.

    To everyone that we’ve met on the road, and when we’re parked, I have to say I really appreciate you sharing your journey with us, and thanks for becoming part of our journey as well!

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  • Another “Mobile-friendly” website design

    Mobile-friendly responsive websites

    The Airstream needs a big road trip this summer. If you know anyone who needs a mobile-friendly website, pass them along to us!

    Last Monday I started into setting up the framework for our latest client website.  And I’m not letting the cat out of the bag yet on who the client is.  You’ll just have to wait and see.  It shouldn’t be more than a few days before we get approval to launch this one!  :)

    From 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. I have spent my time recording tutorial videos on this new website’s usage.  Every client we work with gets a tutorial video to help them manage their own site going forward.  Of course, we do phone support with our customers as well, but every location we’ve worked with gets a full video about working with their site.  And in the case of this client, I just wrapped up the absolute longest video tutorial package I’ve ever done!  Whew!

    I was supposed to do the videos yesterday….but it was so nice out, blue skies, great hiking temperatures……so I took yesterday off.  Sometimes you just have to!  Of course, that left me doing the videos today.  Procrastination never pays.

    Please watch the videos…..

    We’ve worked with so many clients over the past few years.  And with every client, be it a database or website, I always make tutorials for whatever I’ve developed.  And consistently (with 1 exception), nobody ever watches the videos.  Never……  :(

    To that one client, you know who you are, thank you for watching the videos.  :)

    Why do they not watch the videos?  One client recently told me the answer, and it’s a good one.

    Whenever I call for a quick question on the database you always have the answer immediately.  So I just haven’t bothered watching the video, I’d rather call you.

    Well, that answers that.  But still, on this job I really hope they watch the video series.  It’s great, and covers a lot.  The new website has a lot of “moving parts,” and each video covers small bites of the whole.  I’ll be crossing my fingers, after all I make some awesome tutorials.  Just check out my Lightroom Series over at Living in Tin and you’ll know what I mean!

    I would love to find a few clients this year who are in Montana, or Banff Canada...Any takers?

    I would love to find a few clients this year who are in Montana, or Banff Canada…Any takers?

    The blog will see more action soon

    Now that we’re in the home stretch on this client site it’s time to think about the next trip.  Of course, every day is a day of camping since we’re full time in the Airstream.  But still, it’s nice to move about every so often.  And with that in mind……

    If you need a mobile-friendly website, may I suggest checking out our business site, RLC Design.  We’ve got some time available in April, and would love to help another travel destination reach all those RV’ers who are hitting the road now!

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  • Where am I?

    White Sands NM

    White Sands was a great place to visit!

    I think this is a problem shared by all full time RV’ers.  You wake up in your rig, make your way through to the door and open it, and when you look out at your surroundings you ask, “Where am I?”

    Traveling in any RV full time brings home along with you.  But often home gets relocated and while the interior of your rig remains the same, everything outside is different.  It’s a fun problem to be sure.

    On our last few trips I can tell you I had a hard time with the “Where am I,” moment.  While at White Sands I forgot several times where we were when I got up.  It happened a few times at Organ Pipe as well, and Imperial Dam.

    At Quartszite I woke up, looked out the door and asked, “When are we leaving?”

    When I owned a home in New Hampshire the “where am I,” moment came rarely.  When it did come it was because I was waking up in a tent, or in a Eurovan.  But more than 90% of the time I knew exactly where I was.  Surrounded by a post and beam structure, sleeping in a huge bed, and strolling through a bathroom nearly the size of my Airstream.  No surprises there.

    It’s basically road trip season here in the desert southwest.  And I’m looking forward to many more moments where I’m uncertain where it is I’m waking up.  Have you started your trip planning, and anticipating your next “where am I” moment?


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  • Oh those Silver Palaces!

    Another silver palace

    An AirLight Trailer

    Over the past few weeks we’ve been seeing a ton of Airstreams, or things that look like Airstreams but aren’t.  Just the other day we met a guy with an Air Light, manufactured in 1955!  They only made a few, and boy I really thought it was an Airstream.

    When we ventured down to Organ Pipe National Monument we were blow away with the number of Airstreams at the park.  The day we arrived there were 9 Airstreams.  Then a few left and others pulled in.  There was so much Airstream traffic going on at Organ Pipe that the ranger who registered us joked, “Oh we don’t allow Airstreams!”

    Of course he was totally joking.  But it did feel like some type of mini Airstream rally going on.

    Currently at Point of Rocks (yes we’re in Prescott still) there are 4 Airstreams.  The Air Lite that pulled in the other day is already gone, and I didn’t even get to take enough pictures of it.

    Since we’ve been seeing so many rolling silver palaces lately I thought I’d put up a small gallery of them for you to take a look at too.

    As Airstream says, “Live Riveted!”

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  • A busy Airstreamer makes for a happy Airstream

    The dells from The Airstream Chronicles

    Great clouds, the Granite Dells, and Granite Mountain in the distance

    Ah yes, the past few weeks we’ve been in a waiting mode.  But no longer.  With a few client projects in hand I feel so much better.  Bottom line, I’m not a fan of “idle hands.”  Being busy always brings me more satisfaction!  So, what is this busy Airstreamer up to?

    Well, we’ve got two clients for the next two weeks which is fantastic.  A tour company (travel tours all over the world), and an art store here in Prescott.  Combined the two projects mean that we’ll be banging away on websites for a good bit, and I’ll be mentally exhausted by the end of each day.  I like that, it makes falling asleep much easier.

    In addition to the new clients, I’ve also just wrapped up a rather lengthy video introduction to our new series of tutorials over at Living In Tin.  Right now the video is uploading, and when it’s done I’ll be putting the finishing touches on the article over at Living in Tin.  There’s also another travel article primed for publication on that site, but that one won’t be out until the end of this month.

    Yesterday we had the perfect cloud cover in the Granite Dells, so I headed out with the handy tripod, the 5D, and a LAV mic for my iPhone.  The resulting video from the afternoon’s work came out nicely to say the least!  If you’ve enjoyed my old tutorials here on this site, Living in Tin will be hosting longer ones that are more in depth than my old ones.  So check out the site when you can.  And don’t forget, there will still be more National Monument posts over the course of this year too!

    As a teaser, I’m including a short clip of the video here.  It involves rock throwing (Jodi started it I assure you).

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  • Is your website mobile friendly?

    This morning I posted over at our business website regarding the upcoming changes announced by Google.  It looks like mobile friendly websites are going to get a ranking boost.  Put another way, non-mobile friendly websites are not going to receive love.

    The Airstream Chronicles is mobile!

    The Airstream Chronicles is mobile!

    The Airstream Chronicles is mobile friendly, and it has been for years.  As tech changes, you’ve got to change with it.  And this is something I’ve been sharing with potential clients since we started working on sites for small businesses.  People are now searching for you on smartphones and tablets, and if your site doesn’t display well on these platforms you’re going to lose potential customers.

    With Google’s recent changes I’m hoping to find a few more clients!  As an RV’er I can tell you searching for good parks on my iPhone is an exercise in frustration.  When we travel and I look up potential parks to stay in, finding non-mobile sites drives me a little crazy.  Parks know their clients are mobile, yet they don’t cater to what their clients are using to find them.

    If you don’t have a mobile site yet, and you’re trying to reach out to a mobile client base, get in touch with us!  We can help.  Remember, I’m not just an Airstream blogger, I’m a former wireless network engineer, executive, and photographer.  Interesting combination of skills indeed, and if you need a mobile website I’ve got a few thoughts to be sure!

    Oh, finally, do you want to know if your website is mobile friendly?  Google actually setup a page that will tell you.  Click here and discover whether or not you’re reaching the mobile crowd.

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