I thought it was supposed to be sunny at the Airstream!

A gray July morning on Manchaug Pond.

A gray July morning on Manchaug Pond.

Yesterday I comforted myself with the fact that Intellicast said it would be a sunny day here in Massachusetts.  Gray skies dominated yesterday, and I was looking forward to some sun.  You know, the glowing ball of light in the sky?  Yeah, so going to bed last night I said to myself, “well tomorrow will be sunny and bright.”

Where I’m camped right now in Holbrooks has some pretty large shade trees.  Keeps the Airstream cooler, but it does make the Airstream feel like a dark cave at times, especially on a dark gray day.  So waking up this morning I found that it was still pitch black in the Airstream.  Clearly I was up too early….and then I checked the iPad.  7:00 a.m.

A little before 8 a.m. it started to drizzle.  Obviously my Intellicast forecast was a little off.  So I hit the Intellicast App and checked it out.  The sun might make an appearance before bed time.  Bummer.  According to the latest glance at the App we might see some sun around 7 p.m.!  Bigger bummer!

Fortunately Friday was a sunny day, and the bulk of the day was spent on the ocean in Rhode Island.  So I’ve seen some sun recently, and that’s a positive.

Another positive (I suppose if we’re looking for silver linings in clouds) is the fact that with all the rain I’ve seen in New England, I have not seen any leaks inside the Airstream.

That’s a big plus after owning it for 10 years.  I’ve read a lot about leak issues from other Airstreamers over the years, and I’m happy to say I only had one leak when the Airstream was brand new.  After purchasing it in the Spring of 2004 and pulling it to my home in New Hampshire it rained for days.  And at the time we were pretty excited about the Airstream, so we were in it every day even though it was parked in the driveway.  Within a few days of getting it home we noted water coming into the kitchen from our little monitor station (black water, gray water, and battery panel).  Once the rain stopped I got up to the roof and searched around.  A rivet had been double tapped on the roof, leaving a half-moon hole next to the rivet.  Some caulk (lots of caulk), and voilà, no more leak.

Given that the Airstream spends a lot of time in desert states I don’t get a lot of opportunity to see if any leaks have developed.  The past month and a half here has given me an extreme test, and the results are positive.  So there’s my silver lining for all the gray wet days!

My mind keeps wandering back to those permanently sunny days in Borrego!

My mind keeps wandering back to those permanently sunny days in Borrego!

Testing a new gallery

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Something I haven’t done since 2006

During my early years I lived in Massachusetts.  The summers were spent on Manchaug Pond.  Sometimes we’d take a trip to Vermont, New Hampshire, or even Maine (ooooh, Kittery Trading Post).  I was always close to the water in New England.

For my teen years I lived in Florida.  Just a short drive to Daytona Beach, or Ormond, and even New Smyrna.  That’s where I got spoiled when it came to water temperature.  New England water became “too cold” for me.  Don’t even talk to me about getting into the ocean in Maine.

After getting through undergraduate and grad school I found myself living in New England again.  First Dover New Hampshire, then later Sandown New Hampshire.  Trips to Portsmouth and Maine were frequent.  The water was still close by.


Finally, in recent years I’ve been spending most of my time in desert states.  And those states fail to offer one thing that was always nearby.  The ocean!

Definitely ocean front.  Private beaches, homes built upward....all very interesting.

Definitely ocean front. Private beaches, homes built upward….all very interesting.

Between December of 2006 and July of 2014 I haven’t seen the ocean…..  Not once.  Well, not until yesterday when I found myself in Rhode Island only a mile from the coastline.


For the first time since Tampa Florida 2006, I stepped into salt water.  And as the Florida boy in me liked to say, “it’s too cold!”  Yeah, New England ocean water offers quite a chill.  Drop me off near New Smyrna and it might be a different story!


One thing that fascinated me on my visit to the Rhode Island ocean front was the houses built near the shoreline.  Private beaches, restricted access, and lots of homes.  Not something I was familiar with in my teens when I spent my time out at Ormond, Daytona, or New Smyrna.


Most of the houses seem to be summer rentals.  Signs in windows invite people to rent them for a week or two.  Other homes were up for sale.  And all of them were built well above the ground.  Most were up on posts.  Some had concrete bunkers under them thrusting them skyward away from storm surges.  And they all had that typical New England feel to them!

Overall, I enjoyed seeing the ocean again.  And seeing the beach houses.  With luck, it won’t take me 6 years to see the ocean again.  And with better luck, the next time I do it will be somewhere that isn’t too cold!


An uncomfortable part of full time Airstream living

Here we are in New England with heavy rain again.  The rain has been going on for days now.  Gray, humid, downpours, thunder & lightening…….we’ve got it all.  And while I know this is part of New England life, I have to say it would be a very tough sell if I were full timing in the Airstream here.

Yes, I’m in the Airstream right now.  I’m saying I wouldn’t want to spend a ton of time here in the Airstream.

One of the big challenges going full time is a lack of space.  Whether it’s an Airstream, 5th Wheel, Class A.  Doesn’t matter.  There is a limit on the amount of space you have.  And when the weather turns ugly you soon find that whatever the space you have is….well, it’s just not enough!  Claustrophobia starts setting in, and suddenly in a few days time all you want to do is get out of your RV and go somewhere with lots of space.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 9.06.22 AM

Yesterday it was a run to the grocery store….Didn’t really need anything, just needed to get out of the Airstream.  The day before that?  Hanging out at Best Buy.  Didn’t buy anything, just needed to get out.  And today?  Well, I don’t know where to go today, but it needs to have AC.  The humidity here is amazing!  And everything inside the Airstream feels wet.

Fortunately tomorrow promises to be sunny.  And I need that right now.  The inside of the Airstream has been as dark as a cave for days.  Having to turn on half the lights just to chase the gray away during the middle of the day is pretty lame!

Don’t get me wrong.  Not miserable here.  Just filling you in on one fun fact of full time RV’ing.  When you’re somewhere with good weather and plenty to do outside it makes a big difference on your enjoyment level.


That’s a lot of Spam!

This morning as I did my daily ritual of checking web traffic numbers I noted a little line regarding my Spam filtering plugin.  It said, “Akismet has protected your site from 15,681 spam comments already. ”

Nearly 16,000 attempts to put spam content on a website.  Seriously, how much fraudulent stuff is out there?  I can only imagine what higher traffic sites have to deal with.

The Airstream Chronicles Continued Blog Subscription

Did you know you could follow along with the Airstream Chronicles Continued through your e-mail?  Probably not.  I’ve never really promoted that feature here, and maybe that was an error on my part.

As I’ve been working with clients I always offer that option on their sites, but never really thought about it with mine.  So today I’m just letting readers know, if you want the latest posts popping up in your e-mail you can do that!

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Pretty slick.  Personally I’m subscribed to each of my client sites so I can see the latest things they’re doing, and make sure that they’re blogging about their latest events, specials, etc.

Well, off for another exciting day.  This evening I’ll be reviewing the latest site with one of the board members for the MPF.  Should be fun.

The Heron thought if it stood near the planter I wouldn't see it.....

The Heron thought if it stood near the planter I wouldn’t see it…..

Camping at the Old Holbrook Place

The Airstream is still parked in Massachusetts.  In a few weeks it will be on the road again, all the way to Georgia this time!  The last time the Airstream rolled through Georgia was December of 2006, so it’s been a while.

I wanted to talk about where we’re staying today.  The Old Holbrook Place Campground, located in Sutton Massachusetts.  I grew up visiting this park almost every day of the summer.  Italian Ice, candy bars, etc.  It was a quick walk from Mem & Pep’s, and it was my little candy shop.

At the age of 42 thinking back about this stuff makes me feel a little old.  30 something years since I came here as a kid for my sugar fix.  And in that time very little has changed here.  The dock off of the beach is still floating in the water.  Families come here every day for a swim, kids jump off the dock, folks enjoy the lake.  The little log cabin store is still standing even though many RV’s have clipped the roof over the years.  Linda Nelson (the owner) is still here, her mom is no longer with us though.  It’s still the same place to be sure.

After traveling all over and seeing parks from coast to coast I’m still fond of this park.  It doesn’t have Wi-Fi throughout the park today (although that might change).  There aren’t 50 amp sites.  There aren’t mega pull through sites for big Class A’s.  The park recommends a max length of RV to be 35 feet.  Compared to parks I’ve visited out West where 65 foot pull throughs are the norm, this is an older park that was built for simpler RV’ing.  And there’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you’re in a 25 foot Airstream!

So, for those of you with a smaller rig, The Old Holbrook Place is a great place to camp for the summer.  Maybe a quick weekend getaway, maybe a week, or if you’d like….spend the whole summer here!  It’s a nice park, friendly neighbors, and a beautiful location on Manchaug Pond.

Below is a quick gallery of some of the images we’ve shot at Holbrook’s.  In the park, in the cove, from the beach……  Enjoy