• It’s 6:30 a.m…….or is it

    Santa Fe Sunset

    Santa Fe Sunset

    Yesterday in Amarillo at the same time it was 7:30 a.m.  And if I were in Georgia it would be 8:30 a.m.

    We’ve been playing the time travel game as we’ve made our way across the country.  Eastern time, Central time, and now Mountain time.  Here’s where we stop messing with the clock for a bit.  We’ll remain on mountain time for a while now.

    Talking with family yesterday they were trying to figure out how many hours difference we have again.  Sometimes when I’m in Arizona there’s only 2 hours difference with the East Coast.  And for part of the year it’s 3 hours difference (Arizona doesn’t reset the clocks you see).

    Shortly we’ll be pulling out of Santa Fe.  On to Cortez!  About 5.5 hours of driving to do today, then the major Airstream hauling will be over for a few weeks.  It will be nice to stop for a while, visit with friends, and really dig into our project idea.

    Whatever time zone you’re in…..good morning to you!  It’s looking like a great day here, and I hope you have one too!

    Parked in Santa Fe

    Parked in Santa Fe


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  • And now the adventure really begins

    In 2006 I passed through Santa Fe, NM before the summer really kicked in.  The town, and the surrounding landscape blew my mind.  I had never been to the desert southwest before.  But after arriving in Santa Fe I knew that I enjoyed the area.  So much in fact that I stayed in Santa Fe for over a week.

    Yes, I also stayed to get some recall work done on the Titan….but I would have stayed without the recall as well!

    Today we pulled back into Santa Fe, and I was bouncing off the ceiling in the truck.  Seriously!  Giant puffy clouds, hyper blue skies, insane landscape all around me, and a balmy 71 degrees with a nice breeze.  Oh, and one more thing……

    No humidity!

    Okay, this is #liveriveted

    Okay, this is #liveriveted

    After pulling the Airstream into its spot for the night I did something I haven’t done in many weeks.  I opened the windows and cranked on the Fantastic Fans.  There was no need for Air conditioning when we arrived!  Amazing and true.

    Tonight the Airstream is parked at Ranchos de Santa Fe.  The same place I parked it all the way back in 2006.  The park is still really cute, and the staff is super friendly.  The roads are a little narrow and I watched the side view mirrors super close while I got myself into site number 8.  Glad to say, got in without a hitch….  heh, get it?  Hitch.  Ah well, I’m tired and not as funny as I think I am.

    Oh yes, I love this scene!

    Oh yes, I love this scene!

    What comes next?

    Tomorrow we’ll be driving a little further west.  Cortez once again.  That’s where we plan to start our travels to the 44 National Monuments of the Southwest if our project gets fully backed.  Even though it’s only at 7% today I’m confident we can get it backed and make something amazing.  I’ve been thinking about layout all day for the E-Book.

    There will of course be a soft copy book as well, but I’m very focused on the E-Book as being the most valuable product of the project.  You can imbed videos, maps, images, and provide links in an E-Book.  Plus if you’ve already got a laptop, tablet, or giant smart phone why would you want a physical book taking space?

    So with Cortez set as our starting point we wanted to get there before September 1st.  On the first there will be a major update on our project page, a new video detailing the concept a little more, and a push from some friends on Facebook!

    Also, while we’re in Cortez we’ll be contacting a few more potential clients.  I have a short list of parks we could help, and a few B&B’s in the area as well.  After working with the Manchaug Pond Foundation and Hiker Hostel I’m beyond confident in our ability to help boost traffic and setup sites that our clients can manage on their own.  So we’ll see if we can help out a business or two before we start on our project!

    Which way are you going?

    Which way are you going?

    It’s good to be “home”

    For years Prescott was home.  And I’ll still stop in there from time to time.  Honestly though the moment we crossed into New Mexico I felt like I was home.  AZ, CO, NM, and UT all feel like home.  And it’s good to be back!

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  • Outside of Amarillo crossing my fingers

    Today was a haul.  We could have made it into Amarillo, but staying there last year left me disappointed with the park I stayed in.  So this year I decided to mix it up and I’m left with the same feeling as last year.  Different park too.

    354 miles in total.  Pulling the Airstream that made for a long day.  And when we finally arrived outside of Clarendon I saw an RV park sign in the distance that I thought was the one we were shooting for.  It wasn’t.  Instead it was an old burned out RV park with many power poles, no mowing, nobody at the office, and a sign that said $15 per night.  We pulled in as we saw 1 5th wheel at the back of the park, and decided to park near it.  Unfortunately none of the power seemed to be working.  So we quickly changed gears and went up the road a ways.

    The park that was not a park.....

    The park that was not a park…..

    photo 3

    The “anti park” has a lot of sites. Shame to see it unused.

    photo 2

    Nobody was home, and nobody answered our call to the phone number posted.

    I was using Allstays again to find parks, and this was the first time that the address location was off.  We were headed to Yankies RV Park in Clarendon.  But the Apple mapping brought us to this other no name park that doesn’t seem to be a park any longer.  Driving up the road a bit into town we saw Yankies RV Park and decided to give it a miss.  In other words…..not gonna stay there!

    Finally I made a call to Lakeside Marina, which runs the Kincaid City Park Camp.  It’s actually on a private lake that was created by some company or other, and there are many signs warning that it’s private property, you need a permit, get to the office, etc.  Not a friendly feel off the bat.  Also, the pricing is “confusing.”

    The “price” to camp overnight is $12.  Wow, super reasonable.  But wait, that’s not it.  Each person needs a day pass for the park as well.  $5 each for the day pass (or permit as they call it).  At midnight the day pass is no longer valid, so you need a day pass to cover you while you sleep.  Another $5 each.  Let’s total that up…..

    $32 for the night with two people.  Hey, we’ve paid more and that’s not a problem.  But we were issued a receipt to camp, 2 day passes for me, and 2 day passes for Jodi.  How about this…..?

    Call an overnight here $32 and stop messing around with semantics?  Yeah?  Save a few trees and issue one single receipt instead of 5 sheets of paper.

    How does a $12 site become a $32 site?

    How does a $12 site become a $32 site?

    Keep thinking positive thoughts for the Titan

    As we pulled into town I stopped to get gas.  The truck was turned off for a few minutes while I fueled up, and then it was started again.  And when I started it……?

    The Air conditioner was blowing SUPER HOT AIR!  And it still is several hours later.  I’m worried about our trip progress in the heat here with no AC.

    This happened years ago when I drove across the Rockies coming back from a job interview in Nebraska.  As I made my way down the mountains into Grand Junction the AC started blowing hot.  I called ahead to a Nissan dealer to schedule a look see, found myself a campground for the night, and cooled off in the Airstream.  The next morning?  The AC was fine.  That’s what I’m hoping will happen tomorrow!

    So, send a positive vibe this way tonight!  We can’t afford a major truck repair right now.  So hopefully it’s just an odd thing that will “go away” overnight.

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  • Goodbye east coast allergens

    Yesterday pulling into Paris I noticed something.  I was feeling a lot better than I have in weeks.  Actually I feel better today over yesterday.  And I’m realizing, I still have some outdoor allergens that kick my butt when I’m on the Eastern Seaboard.

    Who knew?

    Years ago when I relocated to the west I had some weird allergy stuff going on.  But most of that resolved when an underlying infection in my jaw was finally addressed (thank you Doctor Brimhall).  And since then I’ve just been trucking along.  Last year while contracting in West Virginia I didn’t feel so hot during the Spring and Summer, but I attributed that to a very toxic environment in the work place.  Looking back I’m now realizing that while the office was extremely stressful that wasn’t the only issue going on.  The allergies were working their magic too.

    Getting up this morning in drier air without all the trees surrounding me I thought to myself, “I feel fantastic!”  And I really do.  I had the same reaction back in 2006 after arriving in New Mexico.

    So while it was nice to be on the East Coast working with clients, I am very happy to be west of the Mississippi once again.  Soon we’ll see lower humidity, fewer big trees, and I think fewer allergens that adversely affect me.  Nice!

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  • A video update from the road!

    Tonight we find ourselves in Paris Texas!  I haven’t gone out hunting for baguettes yet as the Airstream is still hooked up to the Titan.  Maybe tomorrow morning…….

    Over the past few days we’ve been doing a lot of video, but we haven’t been cobbling anything together.  Video takes time to edit you know, and time to search through.  But tonight I’ve gone ahead and created a fun little video from Tennessee to the Mississippi river.  The video includes bridges, driving, stop lights, more bridges, and tug boats.

    I’ve got more video that I’ll try to deal with tomorrow from the Mississippi to Paris.  As it’s already 7:30 p.m. and I totally forgot to eat until 20 minutes ago I think I should set the video aside and take a crack at it tomorrow!

    Without any further delay……a quick video.

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  • Sunset on the Mississippi worked out!

    Ah, after I posted the last note from the Mississippi River the clouds broke apart just enough.  We had a traffic jam of barges and tug boats right out in front of the Airstream, so I literally ran across a little field with the camera in hand and got this one….

    Sunset on the Mississippi 2014!

    Sunset on the Mississippi 2014!

    There are some perks to traveling with the Airstream.  Getting to see tonight’s sunset is one of those perks.

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  • The super short drive

    The tug boat "Miss Pat" photographed last November while passing through Warfield Point

    The tug boat “Miss Pat” photographed last November while passing through Warfield Point

    This morning we left Europa, MS.  The plan was to head toward Texarkana, but as with all good road trips plans can be changed.  And today was one of those days.

    Last year while following this route I stayed at Warfield Point County Park, located right on the Mississippi River.  For the first time in my life I saw tug boats pushing barges on a river.  It was beyond cool  And as we drove along this morning I decided I wanted to see the tug boats again.

    Since we needed a resupply we stopped off at a Wal-Mart.  Hey, they’re always RV friendly, and it’s easy getting the Airstream in and out of their parking lots.  We hit the grocery section, got some additional food, and I ran the idea of a super short day by Jodi.  She was happy to make it a short day.

    As with many county and city parks, Warfield Point has a very cheap price tag associated with it.  $13 for the night.  Water and electric hookups for the Airstream.  We could have gotten a full hook up, but we can just use the dump station tomorrow.  So we saved $2.  :)

    November 5th 2013, a barge sits waiting to be pushed up river.

    November 5th 2013, a barge sits waiting to be pushed up river.

    The tug boats didn’t disappoint.  Several went by today with huge barges.  A good bit of video footage was shot, but I’m not editing tonight.  The network connectivity here is not the greatest.  I’ll edit later in the week and post something to be sure.

    Thunder storms rolled in for the afternoon and are off an on right now.  Hopefully the weather will clear for tomorrow.  Sadly no sunset photos tonight, there’s just too much gray.  So that’s why I’m posting last year’s images.

    The trip should pick up some steam tomorrow.  Nothing but lots of road ahead.  With luck we’ll be into Cortez Friday or Saturday at the latest.  It will depend on driving time, weather, and how many times I pull off at rest areas!  Driving in for Labor Day weekend should be interesting.  Of course, when we left the West this year we had to work around Memorial Day weekend.  I have a knack for picking the wrong travel weekends lately.

    • Date:  8/25/14
    • Camped at:  Whites Creek Lake County Campground
    • Fee:  $13 per night
    • Month total Camping:  $772
    • Average Nightly Cost:  $30.88
    • Mileage:  130

    Oh, and the march toward the finish of our Kickstarter Project continues.  20 days remain.  27 backers so far.  And we’ll be doing an “informational push,” starting on September 1st.  Photos, videos, and a few “preview” visits to National Monuments in the Southwest.

    August 25, 2014 • Airstream, National Monuments of the Southwest, Notes from Rich, RV, Travel • Views: 116

RV’ers Guide to the National Monuments of the Southwest Project

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