Shooting by moonlight and early morning sun in White Pocket….A complete wonderland!

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4:00 a.m. it became too difficult to maintain the charade.  Pretending I was warm enough to keep sleeping was impossible.  Sure, my back was warm against the sleeping pad, but the sides of both butt cheeks were frigid.  Roll to …

Fall in Sedona

Islands of stone in a sea of sand

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A little over a week ago a phone call came in.  Contract in California.  Weekends free, what to do, what to do. It was my friend of nearly 20 years, Tom.  Months ago the wireless carrier downsizing pinched his job, …

Another vintage silver palace

Photographing Arizona Podcast Episode 12: White Pocket, Arizona!

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Months ago I found some amazing books on Arizona and the Southwest. First I found Laurent Martres series, “Photographing the Southwest.”  I picked up Volumes I & II.  Utah and Arizona to be exact.  The photography in the books is …

Desert Airstream

White Pocket: Day three of the adventure

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Ah, so now we’ve come to it.  White Pocket.  The driving force behind this recent trip. After first seeing images of White Pocket I knew I had to go there.  The “brain rocks,” the strange banding, the completely surreal landscape.  …