Classic Airstream at Imperial Dam

10 Years of Airstream Travel

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10 years ago the first official “Airstream Trip,” took place in New Hampshire after purchasing my 2004 Safari 6 Sleeper.  The trip included myself, my ex, and our dogs Dana & Madison.  I wasn’t super comfortable towing back then, but I worked it out.  The Airstream got pointed to Northern New Hampshire, a favorite place to visit while I lived in the state.

Airstream at Lake Francis, NH

May 1st, 2004 on Lake Francis. I expected to pull the Airstream up to Pittsburg NH every year when I first bought it. Who knew things would turn out so different?

Since that initial trip a lot has changed.  The Airstream, which was to be our magic carpet for family trips, turned into my lifeboat after illness and divorce flipped my world upside down.  When I first pulled the shiny tin can into the driveway I never thought for a moment that it would be used as my home for almost 7 years.

From 2006 – 2012 I full timed in the Airstream.  In 2012 a rental house was tried out.  Bleh.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my old home in NH, but a small subdivision in Prescott Valley?  Yeah, not for me.  Then I was back in the Airstream for a while when contracting in WV / OH.  Part of the time was spent in an apartment though as the parks out there aren’t really made for over wintering.

Mostly though home has been my Airstream.  And home has been where I park.  Sure, Prescott is a favorite spot.  But no matter where the Airstream lands it always looks the same inside.  It’s when you go out the door that you remember you’re parked somewhere new.

Airstream trip Texas

My first red rocks ever in Texas, 2006


Klammath, CA.  I'd never seen the Pacific coast before.

Klammath, CA. I’d never seen the Pacific coast before.


Airstream in Idaho

Crossing Idaho in 2006. This picture was shot several hours after I learned my grandmother had passed away



Airstream trip Colorado

My first collared lizard. Canyon of the ancients in Colorado. May of 06′


I have to say, the Airstream has helped me see a different world.  I’ve made friends across the country.  Personally I’ve been places that I know 99% of the people in the world will never see.  I’ve lived in a way most people would never even think about.  There have been great times.  There have been horribly low times.  And there’s been the dull stuff too.  But in the end, you can’t say it hasn’t been an interesting 10 years of owning an Airstream.

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