2 Nights at Hovenweep

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For days I’ve been waiting to move the Airstream over to Hovenweep.  I’ve been waiting, not because the park is full, but because the moon was too full.  Tuesday would have been a good day to move too, but there were a lot of clouds in the sky for the evening, and I wouldn’t be able to do what I wanted.

You are here

You are here

Last night was the first at Hovenweep.  And 1.5 hours after sunset we headed outside to try an experiment.  Photographing the Milky Way.  Never done it before, but I’ve always wanted to.  Several months ago Dale O’Dell posted a great Milky Way shot, and his made me want to create my own….complete with an Airstream.

We’ll be doing more tonight.  And I’ll be building a gallery of images from this two day camping trip at Hovenweep.  Fun fun!


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